Budget Planning Spreadsheet

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Budgeting is one of the important elements of a healthy financial plan.  This free budget budget spreadsheet will help get you started.

This free spreadsheet is highly customizable, but will require a minimal knowledge of Excel.

How to Budget Book

This Excel Document is compatible with Excel 97-2003 & Excel 2007: [download id="5"]

Instructions to download the free budget spreadsheet:

  1. Click on the link above
  2. Choose to open the document
  3. The Excel file should appear automatically
  4. The document will be [read only] – to input information, change, and customize the document you will need to click “Save As” and save the document in your own documents.
  5. Enjoy!

In the top section of the budget you will enter your estimated budget amount.  The budget will automatically tell you the percentage of your total that represents.

When you enter your expenditures you can either do that in the top section by using the function: =item cost + … or (recommended) at the bottom of the page enter your purchase, item, and date.  Those numbers will automatically be entered into the top section.

Free Budget Spreadsheet Features:

  • Ready to use
  • Fully customizable and reproducible
  • Easy to use
  • Free
  • Categories already entered into the sample budget.

How To Make An Effective Spending Plan With This Free Budget Spreadsheet

Search out a way to save time budgeting. A simple budget is the key to having an effective spending plan. Most people should be able to keep a spending plan in a few hours a month. It will, however, take more time the first month to get the spending set and running. This is how to make a budget.

Create the free budget spreadsheet together. As a husband and wife, you should sit down together.  This is an important part of a healthy marriage and money relationship.   This is true regardless of who makes or spends the money. It will be a reflection of your goals in life. It is so important to be in agreement about how you want your money spent.

Compare your budget with an effective one. You will need to confirm that your recommended budget percentages are appropriate. By comparing your it to some standard percentages you will be able to confirm that your numbers are (1) realistic, and (2) appropriate amounts that still allow you to develop a healthy financial plan.

Lay out a daily, weekly, or monthly budgeting schedule and plan that works for you. As a part of this schedule you will need to answer the following questions:

What will I do with receipts when I get them?
How often will I enter receipts into the free budget spreadsheet?
What day will I prepare  for the next month?
What day will I review the budget from the previous month?

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    • Craig says

      Thanks for letting me know.
      I’ve adding a 97-2003 compatible version. It is working fine for me in Firefox, but not Internet Explorer. I’m working to resolve the issue.

  1. Haylz says

    Hi there!
    Well I was really excited to be able to jump on google and first shot find your site. I was looking for a spreadsheet template i could use to help plan and track our family budget and expenses in multiple currencies. We are from South Africa, currently live in New Zealand and are looking to move to Fiji with in the next year.

    My Hubby spends so much time globe trotting for his work- mainly ACAP region countries, the children are schooled at home via the UK, and i spend plenty of time in parts of Africa as well as RSA with the children trying to research and set up community projects. It has become sooo very difficult to keep track of what we spend where and what Forex its in I was hoping that your template would help me.

    Pretty please could you send it to me, the link on the website is not working or not there.

    I realise that it has been 7 years or so.

    Thanks so much

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