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Yes, it’s true.  I didn’t get you anything for Christmas.  I’m sorry. 

Since it’s now a New Year I’m going to do my best to make it up to you.  I’m going to bribe you by giving you a TON of free stuff next week.  Each day next week I’m going to give you some free worksheets, budgets, and checklists for you to download.  I want to start off 2010 by saying thank you, so I’m going to give you everything for free.

Can you spare 5 minutes for a quick survey?

I really hope you can take advantage of these free products.  If you get one of the forms and it is helpful, can I ask you to help me?  (Even if you don’t download a product I could sure use your help.)  Could you please complete a 5 minute survey?  The results will help me get some valuable feedback, and as a result I can continue to offer you the best possible material.

Complete the survey now.

Buy You Need A Budget For 15% Off

You Need A Budget (YNAB) is an extremely effective and easy budgeting program to use.  I purchased and tested the product.  I’ll be honest, I had to return it for my full money back.  The reason?  It doesn’t support budgeting in multiple currencies.  If you’re not concerned about multiple currencies and need a simple, but effective budgeting program, you should check out YNAB. 

Between now and January 31st at midnight, if you buy YNAB and enter the code “moneyhelp” you will receive a 15% off discount.  This is a limited time offer. 

Blog Posting and Give Away Schedule for Next Week

Saturday Post: How to Set Up Your First Budget

Free Product: Free Downloadable Sample Budget

Sunday Post: 70 Bible Verses About Money

Free Product: Already available: 2010 Bible Reading Plan

Monday Post: The “Best of” The Best of Money.  I’ve done some statistical research that highlights the 21 best blogs of 2009.  The stats are based on the blogs’ rankings in the 2009 Best of Money Carnival results.

Free Product: Long Term Financial Goals Checklist

Tuesday Post: 55 Reasons to Get Out of Debt

Free Product: Debt Reduction Worksheet

Wednesday Post: 8 Reasons to Have a Fully Funded Emergency Fund

Free Product: Financial Checkup Questionnaire

(I will continue with my what does the Bible say about … series next week)

Thursday Post: 20 Reasons to Budget

Free Product: Wedding Budget Worksheet

Friday Post: How to Frugally Train For Your First Half or Full Marathon

Free Product: Exercise Schedule

Good Reads From This Week:

Financial Highway has a list of the Best of 2009.

Suburban Dollar reminds us of The Art of Delayed Gratification.

The Oblivious Investor Asks What’s the Purpose of Diversification?

FiveCentNickel discusses Reactive vs. Proactive Finances

Get Rich Slowly finishes off his series on his core tenants.  The final article is called It’s More Important to Be Happy Than to Be Rich

I was included in the Carnival of Personal Finance – The Last Carnival of Personal Finance of the Year!

My article at Christianpf – How To Develop A Healthy Financial Plan

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