Fishing for Partners: Friends of MH4C

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MH4C stands for Money Help For Christians.

What is Friends of MH4C?

Friends of MH4C is a

  • a community of readers who are blessed by the writings published on this website.
  • share a common desire to encourage people to manage their finances in a way that honors God.
  •  willing to devote a few moments each week to help improve this website.

What do Friends of MH4C do?

Friends of MH4C help to bridge the gap created by my inability to frequently access the internet in Papua New Guinea. Because of my limited internet access there are many networking tasks that will be difficult for me to perform. As a result, it will be difficult for me to fully network my blog as I should. Friends of MH4C fill that role by promoting the material on the blog on social networking sites. Furthermore, Friends of MH4C will provide valuable feedback with their own perceptions and suggestions for this blog.

Up to once a week I will send you an email asking you to do a simple task – that task might be to bookmark a certain post on a site. That task might be to give me some feedback about how you discovered this site. This task might be feedback about your favorite blog post. I may ask for topics you would be interested in reading.

The time commitment involved will be between 5 –10 minutes of per week.

What do you get for being a Friend of MH4C?

Of course, you will have my gratitude and appreciation. The first 50 friends of MH4C will get access to all current and future eBooks I publish at no charge. If I start charging for eBooks in the future (I hope to write 1-2 per year) you will always have access to those eBooks without a cost. I will post a message on the “Friends of MH4C” page when I have had 50 people join.

So what do you need to do to join?

Send an email to me mhforc [at] gmail [dot] com. Include your first and last name (or last initial if your prefer). In the subject line include write something about ‘friend of MH4C’.

You will then automatically be added to the email list and once a week I will ask you a couple of questions or ask you to help with some feature of blog networking.

At any point you can opt out of the Friends of MH4C program by unsubscribing.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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