Finding Blessings in Unexpected Places

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The following entry is by Jane Deneault.

We, or at least I, have not been hearing a tremendous number of sermons on "Obedience."

I want to share what we have been taught over the past two years. For us, the lessons turned out to be a blessing such as we would have never suspected it to be.

One would think that as you age you might have most things figured out. I have learned that it is a process, and we have not yet arrived.

The challenge we faced in selling our home was overwhelming, and yet God was merciful and we were able to sell our home in a downward spiraling market.

We moved over a thousand miles away from family, children, and friends because that is what we believe God told us to do. We moved to a tiny, small city (I have never lived in a small, really small city) to start a new life. Everything and everyone was foreign to us. The atmosphere, climate, the biting critters, the shopping, community, etc. all has been so different and it has been a challenge.

We had never heard of this town and never would have considered moving here, but here we are. I had no idea about what was in store for us. Not only was there a serious lack of stores and options, but I was mostly unfamiliar with the products that were for sale.

I scoured the ads, shopped where I was familiar, and our food budget was eating us alive. I knew that I had to figure something out and hopefully fast.

We have four grocery stores in our town, and all but three are big chain stores. Unfortunately, the bargains at the chain stores were few and far between. The fourth store is a store that is really catering to the Hispanic population. We had been “warned” by others that it was the Mexican store.

Always up for a challenge, we ventured forth to this store, and I was bewildered at the products. There were gigantic containers of lard, chicken feet, cow stomachs, etc. Beans and rice were sold in enormous bags; produce was an assortment of items such as cactus, chayote, and other vegetables I had never seen or eaten.

Now what?

I got on the computer and started looking for recipes, and as an unexpected blessing, I found that the Hispanic grocery store had the best, freshest produce and fruit in town and at the lowest prices.

It turned out to be a win-win situation for us. Not only do we eat healthier but we have tried various dishes and found them to be very nourishing and wholesome. We are saving money compared to our previous location.

We buy produce in large quantities; I dice, slice, chop, and freeze most of it for later in the month. Now we buy rice and beans in amounts we never before dreamed of, thus saving us trips to the store, which includes financial savings, too.


For us, the small town with limited shopping is a blessing. Whatever the shopping lacks, the people more than make up for in being genuinely kind, caring, and pleasant people. After nine months here we haven’t met an ornery one yet.

The scenery is spectacular, the wildlife breathtaking and once we could take off the blinders, we found ways we had never considered, in which to save money. I have often told my husband that the town should be renamed "Pleasantville" and that would not be an overstatement.

So, beyond the fact that we need to be obedient to God and follow His call, we have found more blessings than money can count. May you be encouraged to listen to God’s direction and guidance.


  1. Charlie Waite says

    This article filled me with a feeling close to me. I feel I have traveled the same road. Each of us have had similar occurrences in our lives. With the choas of moving, whether short or long distance, there is a stress factor. We were fortunate. God used this time for us grow and become united with Jesus. I know this article is from the heart and the desire is it helps others find and grow in the Lord.

    This is the best article I have ever read. It is so full of knowledge, compassion, and love. I hope all you see this also. . . . . . . . . . . . . I am a little bias:
    I am her husband.

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