Buy Select Financial Software and Get The Secret to a Successful Budget Free

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This promotion has expired as of January 10th, 2011.

For the next two weeks, I’m going to give you an extra incentive to get your financial life in order.

Here’s the promo:  between December 27th and January 10th, if you purchase a personal finance software, you’ll get my eBook, The Secret to a Successful Budget, for free!

Eligible Financial Software Products:

  1. Moneydance (yes, this can be combined with the 20% off coupon CPF10 ) – Here’s my Moneydance Review
  2. You Need A Budget – Here’s my YNAB review
  3. Mvelopes

Here’s the best part with all three of the products I’ve listed above.  They all come with a free trial.  Try one or try all.

As an example, you’d ordinarily pay $49.99 for Moneydance and then $17.00 for The Secret to a Successful Budget.  But until the 10th of January, you can get both for $39.99.  That’s a $27 combined savings.

What you need to do to be eligible for this promotion:

  1. Purchase one of the above personal finance software programs using my affiliate link.
  2. Send an email to mhforc at gmail dot com and include your invoice or purchase reference number.
  3. Once I confirm the purchase, I’ll send you a free download link for The Secret to a Successful Budget.

You must purchase before midnight (EST on January 10th, 2011).

Affiliate disclosure – I am an affiliate with each of the products mentioned above.  When you buy through my link, I do get an affiliate sale commission.

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