Transforming Your Financial Diet Affiliate

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Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate for Transforming Your Financial Diet: 7 Steps to Simple Living and Generous Giving.  I hope this will be a mutually beneficial relationship. All affiliate payments will be 33% of the selling price.

You can learn more about the book from the landing page  –

Two Necessary Actions to Become an Affiliate:

1. Send me an email letting me know about your interest so I can contact you regarding an important affiliate information (mhforc [at] gmail [dot] com).  If you have not yet had a chance to review the book then send me and email and I’ll get you a free preview copy.

2. Sign up as an E-Junkie affiliate to sell the book –

The book will be available for sale as of 6:00 a.m. EST on Monday Feb. 28th, 2011.  For the first two days I’ll be the only one promoting the product.


About this unique launch

  • The book will only be available to purchase for 10 days.  (Feb. 28th – March 9th) Remember, your affiliate payment will be 33% of the sale price.
  • As an affiliate, you are agreeing to take 33% of the total sale. That means if in the future I offer the book at a discount (which I occasionally plan to do), you would get 33% of the actual purchase price. By signing up as an affiliate you are agreeing to these terms.

How the Affiliate Program Works:

  1. Click on this link sign up to be an affiliate seller.  From your seller admin click on get affiliate code.  To view this product click on  At the bottom you can sign up as an affiliate seller.  When you get your link be sure to chose any one of the Transforming Your Financial Diet items otherwise it may direct readers to another product.
  2.   affiliatecode
  3. You will need to enter a business name (can be your personal name) and PayPal address (all affiliate payments will be sent via PayPal).
  4. Once your account is created click on “get affiliate code” and then click “get affiliate code” again. You will be shown a personalized HTML link. You can customize the link as necessary (i.e. change the wording).

When your readers click on your custom link it will send them to the sales page. Anything the buyer purchases from that page will automatically generate a 33% commission for you. If you have any problems send me an email.

Payout: Payments may be delayed as late as 45 days.  This allow sufficient time for people to process returns (not that anyone would want to return the book :))

Special Note:

  • I won’t be doing any give always for the book.  With a short launch I don’t want people waiting around to see if they win a copy.

Any Questions? Contact mhforc [at] gmail [dot] com