Final Day to Purchase Transforming Your Financial Diet

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I released Transforming Your Financial Diet on Feb 28th, 2011.

Tonight at midnight (EST) the book will no longer be for sale.

That’s a silly thing to do, isn’t it – write a book, and then sell it for only 10 days?

I don’t think so.

In the book I’m really challenging people to make some serious changes to their lifestyle.  That sort of thing doesn’t happen easily, so I want to have time to personally follow up with a group of people who buy the book.  Thus, I’ll be following up with all the Platinum members. 

That takes time.

In order to honor my time commitment to the Platinum Edition customers, I decided to make the book available for only 10 days.  The book will be re-released in the future, but it will be several months until that happens.

If you’re interested in Transforming Your Financial Diet, you need to check it out today – click here.


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    Craig I’m a little curious as to how many people purchased the book. If it’s a large sample, will you have enough time to devote to them each? If it’s a small number, was coaching a part of the package? Just curious. Thanks!

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