Fifteen Ways to Save Money

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  1. Buy the generic brand medicine.  Compare the labels between the name brand and your generic brand.  If that list is essentially the same the product is essentially the same.  The difference?  Marketing.
  2. Take your lunch to work.  If you save $5 per lunch during business days you will save $1,300 for the year.
  3. Shop the specials at your local grocery stores.  So many of us just throw the weekly shopping adds in the trash (or hopefully recycle).  However, adding an extra store or two to your regular routine may cost a little extra time, but will help you save big on groceries.
  4. Shop around when it is time to renew anything.  When it comes time to renew anything from auto insurance, cable, health insurance, to internet service look around, call around, or surf around and get some quotes.  Call your current company and see if they can do anything better with their pricing.  Let them know the price you can get at another company and often they would rather match it than see you move.
  5. Use Gas Buddy to be sure you are not overpaying for gas.
  6. Be creative. When you go to replace or repair something, ask yourself, “Is there anything around the house that could be used as a substitute?”  Ask if the item really needs to be replaced.
  7. Learn a common task. Changing your own oil isn’t really a complicated thing.  It wouldn’t even take an hour to learn how to do it.  You can read an article about it, or better yet, ask someone to show you.  If your financial situation is pretty much the same, you might want to learn how to do your own taxes by using a program like Turbo Tax.
  8. For parents with young children, consider a babysitting exchange. Baby sit for them and the next time they can baby sit for you.
  9. If you love to read, borrow books from the library.  If you are a slow reader or just like owning your own books check out your local used book store.  If you still can’t find a good read, check out for used books.  If you really want to buy new, get your books from Buy or Overstocked.  Stay away from Barnes and Noble.                                                                              Photo by colros
  10. Use coupons. Check out this site for some suggested ways to get coupons.
  11. Share a plate when you eat out.  How many of us really need the huge serving we get at most restaurants?  One plate not enough?  Try a plate and an appetizer.  Drink water when you eat out.
  12. Keep a budget. Budgets do make a significant difference on what you spend.  Try it for a month and you will see some real savings.
  13. Google it. Thinking about heading out somewhere for entertainment?  Type the name of the place plus coupon, or discounts to see if you could do it for cheaper.
  14. Compare your current mortgage interest rate to the national average.  Should you be considering a refinance?  You can compare rates and research that information here.
  15. Check up on the fees that your investment broker charges.  Ominum, an affiliate with TD Ameritrade, will give you unlimited mutual fund transactions for $99 per year and $49 for each subsequent account for members in your household.
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    This is a great list I have changed from eating out to bringing a lunch to work and I have been saving around 20 dollars a week on food. The Gas buddy works great too by helping me find the best price for gas. Thanks for all the other ideas.

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