How’s Your Eternal Investment Portfolio Looking?

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In about 3 minutes, you could probably come up with 30 ways you could die in the next 30 minutes.

What a comforting thought, eh?

Actually, it is comforting.  It’s comforting to know that this world is not the end of a story.  It is a phase which we pass through.

Money can be spent on very temporary things.

Things have this annoying habit of rusting, breaking, wearing out, shrinking, molding, catching fire, getting stolen, and so much more.

  • I bought a pair of khaki pants the other day, and not long later, the silly things shrunk.  What a temporary thing.
  • Last year, I bought a Nook.  The touch screen on the device is pretty much shot.  What a temporary thing.
  • We bought a pair of pants for our daughter, and she slipped on the driveway and tore a hole in the knee the first time she wore them.  What a temporary thing.

It’s not bad to spend money on temporary things as long as we recognize their temporary nature and buy them fully recognizing their temporariness.

We ought to ask – Is this a foolish purchase?  Is this a foolish use of my money?

Paul says physical training is of some value, but godliness has value in all things (1Tim 4:8).  Thus, it would be foolish of me to spend all my waking moments focusing on my physical body.  It does have some value, but it must always be kept in line through the perspective of godliness.

Buying temporary things does have some value, but godliness has value in all things.

James tells us that life is but a mist, here only for a time (James 4:14).

When our family was flying out of Argentina, I tried to change my Argentine Pesos back into US dollars.  Unfortunately, (due to a lot of black market buying and selling of US dollars) I couldn’t transfer the funds back into US dollars because I got the money from an ATM, not a certified exchange booth.  I didn’t have an official receipt to trade the money into US dollars.

I was frustrated.  There I was holding something completely useless in light of our upcoming flight.

I don’t want to re-experience that same frustration when I leave this earth.

In the moment of our death, whatever we have held becomes useless to us.

I wonder how many saints on the other side of the pearly gates look back and wish they’d had the opportunity to buy one more new car.  The opportunity to enjoy one last special meal.  The chance to wear a designer outfit one more time.

My guess is that, on the other side of eternity, it will all seem silly at best and foolish at worst.

Matthew 6:20 encourages us to store up treasures in heaven.  I don’t know what those treasures look like.  I do know that Peter talks about an inheritance we have.  One that will never perish, spoil, or fade (1 Pet. 1:4-5).

It’s a treasure I want to build.

If you were to take a deep look at your eternal portfolio, how would it look?  Would it seem like you were making wise or foolish money choices?


  1. Juliet says

    This message is really good food for thought especially in this day and age where we are so much absorbed into satisfying/feeding the physical more than than the spiritual man.

  2. Ted Calvert says

    I travel in the 3rd world for not-for-profit reasons and recently I had a similar discussion with a National about which of his (many) endeavours he expected to see in heaven? i.e. which were temporary and which were permanent? The intent was to transfer the concept that spending on temporary things e.g. buildings are a means not an end. Our focus needs to be on the eternal outcome and then look at the least cost, most effective, temporary “thing” we need to achieve it. Donors as well as recipients often need to consider this too as donors often like to give towards shiny toys rather than e.g. invisible inner change.

  3. Ted Calvert says

    Good point Amy – when we ask the question “The house is burning down, you can only save one thing, what is is?” People first jump to family members, if they are safe, they then go for things of relational value – photos, cards, art gifts…..Great that God offers to trade things of eternal value for temporal things we use for Him here!

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