Devotional: He Must Become Greater

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God Calls John the Baptist

Read John 1:6-9. I wonder if it was a sad day for John the day he received his job from God. We see clearly that John ‘was a man sent from God.’ This means one day God told him he was sending him. God sent a lot of people to do great and wonderful things in the Bible. He sent Moses to free the Israelites out of slavery from Egypt. He sent David to be the king of his people. And on and on the list could go. One day God said to John I have a mission to fulfill my plan – and I want you. God lays out the plan – Remember when I promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations? You know how I told David one of his Sons would sit on the throne forever? Remember how I said all nations will worship in my temple? Remember how I said I am going to send one who will take away the sins of the world? Remember how I promised this person that everything in heaven and earth would be subjected under his feet? John’s heart starts beating quickly. Could God be preparing John to be this person? Could he be the chosen one? Would he be the Christ? 

God is not calling John to be the Messiah, but to be a voice.

Read John 1:19-28 – A voice in the desert? The one who prepares the way for the Christ?  Well, do I get a fancy name or title at least, John might ask. Jesus is called (1) the Lamb of God, (2) the Chosen One of God, (3) Rabbi, (4) the Messiah, (5) the Son of God, (6) the King of Israel, (7) the Son of Man. What is my title? God says you have none. You will only be a voice calling in the desert. I’m not the Messiah? I’m not Elijah? I’m not a prophet? I’m a voice in the desert? What about my dreams and aspirations? What if I want to be a carpenter, or a centurion, or a political leader?

In our churches it’s not about who gets the credit. Each of us need to use our gift for the building up of the body. That gift needs to be used to make Jesus greater. I think we all need to be more like John where things become more about glorifying God instead of ourselves.

Unfortunately, we are becoming less like John, when we need to become less – like John. Are we faithful witnesses to the Christian community?  Does the world see us as a testimony to God? Or are we just walking around tooting our own horns wondering why we aren’t getting more attention. The more we focus on Jesus and not ourselves, the more glory we offer to God.

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