December Christian Blog Roundup

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Several months ago I started doing a roundup that highlighted some of the Christian blog activity around the web.  Originally, the report was only available to MH4C Special Reports subscribers.  However, I have decided that in 2010 this information would better serve everyone if it was available on my blog.

I would love to add more blogs to the roundup so if you want to suggest another blog that you think might fit into this roundup please email me.  Depending on the content, I’ll decide how well they ‘fit’ within the Christian personal finance niche. 

Please visit my Bible and money page to read a 1-3 sentence summary of each blog

Redeeming Riches

Best For Christians Post:  Should You Wait to Give Until You Have Enough Money?

Most Discussed Post: Should Religion Play a Role in Your Money Decisions? 

Most Popular Post: 10 Frugal Gift Ideas Under $10

Editors Pick: What Makes People Happy?

Debt Free Adventure

Best For Christians Post:  Honor | The Importance of Character in Success

Most Discussed Post:  Save Money | Dining Out vs. Groceries Analyzed

Most Popular Post:  Dealing with Holiday Debt and a $100 Giveaway

Editors Pick:  Financial Retirement – How to Get There Faster

Provident Planning

Best For Christians Post:  Tithing in the Bible:  Summary

Most Discussed Post: Raising a Cow for Beef:  Month 4

Most Popular Post: ETFs Can Be a Terrible Choice for Monthly Investors

Editors Pick: Not for Itching Ears

Christian PF

Best For Christians Post: 21 Bible Verses about Giving

Most Discussed Post: Netflix vs. Blockbuster online video rentals

Most Popular Post: How I escaped the Rat Race

Editors Pick: New credit card legislation starting February 2010

Gather Little By Little

Best For Christians Post: Financial Challenges from Proverbs 22

Most Discussed Post: The Holiday Finances

Most Popular Post: 2010 Stimulus Check – Will There Be Another Stimulus Check Coming Next year?

Editors Pick: Why Bonds Are Going To Tank in 2010-2011

Sound Mind Investing

Best For Christians Post: The Ghost of Christmas Budgets Past

Most Discussed Post: Thrifty couples are the happiest

Most Popular Post: Work-at-home scams update

Editors Pick: Longer-term thinking about money

Bible Money Matters

Best for Christians:  Overcoming Barriers To Giving

Most Discussed: How To Make Money With A Blog

Most Popular: Sales Tax Deductions For New Car Buyers in 2009 Obama Economic Stimulus Package

Editor’s Pick: Good Customer Service And The Power Of Social Media: eBillme Goes Above And Beyond To Fix A Problem Through Twitter

Money Help For Christians

Best For Christians: What Does the Bible Say About Debt and Credit?

Most Discussed: Top 10 Personal Finance Blogs to Read In 2010

Most Popular: Free 2010 Bible Reading Plan (a few downloads shy of 1,000 downloads)

Editor’s Pick:  Can You Afford a Family Vacation?


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