Deathbed Wisdom That You Don’t Want to Live Without

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About three weeks ago, I was visiting with an elderly woman from our church.  She died five days later.

Last night, I sat down with a man who is in hospice care.

I asked both of these elderly Christians a similar question.  To the one, I asked: what would you tell a young person today about life that you wish you’d known?  To the other, I asked: if you could go back and tell yourself something when you were 20 or 25, what would you tell yourself?

There was a similar theme in their answers, and I hope you’ll be encouraged by what they had to say.

She said, “I wish we’d spent today what we made tomorrow.”

I bet your first reaction is, “Hey, that’s not the type of advice I’d expect to hear a financial blogger write about.  Isn’t that the very mindset that so many people have today that’s getting them into trouble?  In fact, isn’t the worst thing a person could do is to spend tomorrow’s dollars today?”

Fortunately, the woman went on to clarify her statement.

She grew up in a very frugal home and that sense of frugality stuck with her in her own home.  She and her husband worried about money. They were never quite sure if there was going to be enough money for the things they felt like (at the time) were important.  As a result, they always said that tomorrow they’d do that special event when they had enough money.

Tomorrow they’d go on a  family trip.  Tomorrow they’d do an anniversary vacation.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow.

At 85 and in poor health, she realized that tomorrow never came.  

It was worry that restricted them.  If she could go back, she would have used her money for those experiences and figured out a way to pay for the responsibilities of life.

It made me wonder what events I’ve been planning to do tomorrow.  It made me wonder if I ought to be getting my own bucket list and setting some dates.  How many things am I putting off until tomorrow?

He said, “I wish I’d learned to be content.”

As a financial blogger, I sure was happy to hear him talk about contentment.  :)

He went on to explain that during his prime working years, it seemed like there was always another dollar to earn and another business venture to pursue.

Now, in hospice, he sees the futility of those efforts.

The work and effort came from a place of worry and concern, but God faithfully provided over his lifetime.  Looking back, all the doubt and worry seems silly.

Now, he’s embracing the things of true value – faith and family.  Those are the things that are precious and meaningful to him.  The finances that once seemed to play such a major role in so many decisions are now miles away from the important things of life.

What would you tell yourself to do differently if you could visit your 25 year old self?  Are you doing anything about it?

We’ll probably all die with some regrets, but I pray that we all live life to the fullest.  What should you risk today?


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    An important lesson, jesus said do not worry about tomorrow. I think it is all about taking each day as it comes trusting God. For the issue of contentment,what else can i say,godliness with contentment is great gain. I love this, remain blessed sir.

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    Wow, what a powerful reminder to put my faith where it belongs – with my Savior, and not in the things of this world. This is getting emailed to my whole extended family. Thanks for sharing!

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    I think the power of giving and obtaining wisdom from the word of God are 2 of the most important elements that every Christian should seriously consider on a frequent basis. I am a living testimony that both of them work.

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    Wow…those are some powerful reminders. Am a strong believer in divine providence and it has made me realize something, in the grand scheme of things, what we worry about is naught! We tend to pursue money and look forward to a better tomorrow…what I guess many fail to realize is that life is a journey, its not something you wait to do when you retire, its something you do each day, right now. I hope never to lose sight of those two lessons: Be content and live life fully now :)

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    As Christ said, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. It is very important to live in the day, otherwise if we do keep thinking about tomorrow, we never get anything done, and do have regrets.

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