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Please observe the following guidelines or your comment may be removed or not approved:

    1. Please use your actual name or pseudonym, you are welcome to indicate your blog name by writing something like Craig @ MH4C.  Comments with only a company name will not be approved.
    2. You are welcome to disagree with the author or another comment.  However, all rude and inappropriate responses will be deleted.
    3. If the comment or the content does not relate to the content of the post or comments it may be deleted.  Self serving comments that are completely unrelated to the topic at hand will be deleted.
    4. You may include link if it is pertinent to the conversation using the following format:<a href=”{url}”>{text}</a>
    5. Submit your comment only once (first time comments will always be moderated.  Once we have approved once of your comments future comments may or may not be moderated).
  • No offensive or inappropriate language.
  • No unsolicited commercial comment.
  • No signature of any kind. Please use the text field provided if you wish to display a URL with your comment.

The following policy applies to all comments on Money Help For Christians:

  • The author of a comment is solely responsible and liable for the contents of that comment.
  • MH4C does not endorse the content of any comment.
  • All comments are subject to being used and display.  We may republish, sell, alter, or delete your comment in any way and for any reason.
  • Once your comment is posted, you cannot edit or remove it.  If you wish to have it removed you may contact the site administrator, but we cannot guarantee immediate action.
  • This policy is subject to change at any time without notice.