Christian Personal Finance Blogs | January Highlights

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Each month I take time to highlight some of the activities from the Christian personal finance niche.  I know it is hard to follow every blog, so at least now you can be sure to check out the best of the best Christian personal finance articles from January.

Each blog owner contributes an article for each of the following categories:

Best For Christians

Most Discussed

Most Popular

Editor’s Pick

If you would like to suggest a blog to be included in this report, please contact me.

January Christian Personal Finance Blog Report

I know it is now February.  However, this is called the January report because it features articles that were published in January. 


Blog Best 4 Christians Most Discussed Most Popular Editor’s Pick

Redeeming Riches

How to Keep Spouses from Growing Apart

4 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Life Insurance 

Credit Card Rewards vs. Credit Card Avoidance

Are You Holding a Retirement Time Bomb 

One Money Design

What the Bible Says About Money:  Contentment and Peace

Should you prepare your own taxes

Cash Organizer Envelope Budgeting System Review (Video)

10 Smart Money Moves to Save Money and Put Your Finances in Order

Personal Finance Journey

Are You Investing Your Talents

7 Ways to Prevent Bank Overdraft Fees

2nd Dumbest Financial Move I’ve Ever Made

4 Milestones on Your Financial Journey

Christian PF

Where (and how) to donate your car to charity

5 legit work-from-home jobs

Where to find health insurance if you’re self-employed

10 options for personal financial software

Earn Give Save

Focus on giving COCINA

We’re cutting our cable: Part I

Monthly budget management, the EGS way

We’re cutting our cable: Part II

Provident Planning

New Covenant Giving Guidelines for Christians

God’s Purpose for Christian Prosperity

Gone to Haiti:  Be Back on January 28th

Giving Anonymously

Bible Money Matters

Philanthropy or Christianity? 

How To Make Money With A Blog

$6500 Homebuyer Tax Credit For Current Homeowners …

Successful Bloggers Give Their Advice

Sound Mind Investing

House ≠ Happiness

The Ghost of Christmas Budgets Present

It’s not how much you earn…

The Ghost of Christmas Budgets Future

Debt Free Adventure

Debt Slavery – What it is and Ways Out

Tax Credits for Home Buyers and Owners

3 Ways to Get Started Investing with $1,000 or Less

Turbotax – Prepare Taxes Online – Free eFile

Gather Little By Little

Teaching Your Children About Money Lesson #2: The Power of Money

That old question: Work or stay home?

Famous quotes about money

Teaching Your Children About Money Lesson #1: Money is not Free

Money Help For Christians

70 New Testament Bible Verses About Money

The Rich and Poor: PNG Interview

Make Money: 2010 Census Taker Part Time Work

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage or Invest?


To make the information easier to read I tried putting it in a table format.  What do you think?  Do you like the list or the table better ?


    • Craig says

      I like the idea of the borders and alternating row colors. Unfortunately, that will require me to learn something new … I guess it might just be time to teach an old dog a new trick.

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