Christian Finance Carnival: First Edition

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For the last several months, I’ve been highlighting some Christian blogs in a roundup.  The format was very similar to a carnival, so I decided to go ahead and make it into a full fledged carnival called the Christian Finance Carnival. 

What is a carnival?

A carnival is simply a blog post that collects articles written by different people all around the web.  Each web or blog owner is given the chance to submit an article that relates to the carnival topic.  In this case, all articles must focus on the topic of Christian finances.

This brand new carnival will highlight financial articles written by Christians and for Christians. 

If you would like to participate in a future carnival, you can get the details here

Lakita presents Can I Afford to Give an Offering? posted at Personal Finance Journey

Prioritizing giving and offerings by looking at Biblical examples

Joe Plemon presents How to Breathe Spiritually and Financially posted at Personal Finance By The Book

Do you over breathe or under breathe in your spiritual or financial life? This post will challenge you to simply breathe.

Carlos Frank presents I’m Sorry but Stewardship is not just about Management posted at Good Steward Keys

This is the first post from my blog and is the reason that I believe that God wanted me to create this blog and connect with other fellow faith based pf bloggers!

Paul Williams presents What Should a Christian Retirement Look Like? posted at Provident Planning

We’re called to be in the world but not of it. How does this apply to the way we should approach retirement? Our faith should radically affect our retirement "goals" and how we’ll spend those years.

Peter presents How To Deal With Your Creditors. David Style! posted at Bible Money Matters 

Dealing with your creditor giants, as David would.

Jason presents The Best Debt Everyone Should Have and Never Pay Off posted at Redeeming Riches

Did you know the Bible talks about a debt that is actually good to have and should never be paid off?! Find out what it is!


Glblguy presents Will wealth profit you nothing? posted at Gather Little By Little.

Derek Clark presents If You Want To Win With Debt, Do This posted at Christian Common Cents.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this first carnival.  The next carnival will be hosted by Personal Finance Journey


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    Thanks for putting up these list. I love to read Christian finance blog, aside from I learn from it, it’s also inspirational. Most Christian blogs mentions a verse on the bible that makes it a food for the soul. Thanks again.

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