Changes and Improvements to ING Direct Electric Orange

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ING Direct has recently (as of July 26th, 2009) added some new features to their banking options.  In this post I want to introduce you to those features and help you navigate through new Electric Orange changes and improvements.  If you are not familiar with ING, I suggest you check out this post that outlines some of the benefits of ING accounts.  That post introduces you to a way you can even get $25 for signing up (with a referral).

You will notice changes immediately when you click on the “Electric Orange Tab” after logging into your ING Direct Account.  You will now see the following screen:

ING Homepage

New Features on the “Overview” Page

The user friendly page better organizes all your Electric Orange options into one place.

  • They have added an earliest arrival column.  Now you can know exactly how soon your funds can get to your desired location.
  • All of the associated fees are published in a column entitled “Your Cost”.
  • Some of the lingo has changed.  “Person2Person payment” is used instead of “send electric checks”.  “Mail a check” is used instead of “send a paper check”.

What’s Changed with Bill Pay?

E orange

  1. More recurring payment options. You can now set up recurring payments for the following options – weekly, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks, twice a month, monthly, every 2 months, every 3 months, every 6 months, and annually .
  2. Automated bill reminder options.  Set up email notifications to notify you when: a bill is due, an eBill is received, the next instance of a recurring payment is automatically scheduled, a payment has not been made by the day the payment is due, and a recurring payment has been sent.
  3. Ebills – the opportunity to have all your bills (from participating organizations) delivered to your Electric Orange BillPay section.

More about Ebills:

With Ebills you can review past bills, access past bills, and make convenient payments from one location.  This is the feature I am most excited about. No more having your bills scattered across several different accounts and websites.  Now all those bills can be viewed right from your Electric Orange Ebills page.

To view an introductory video click here.

When you click on the “Bill Pay” tab (on the picture illustrated above)  you will be taken to a page that lists all the billers you had set up in your account book.  Those accounts that are eligible for Ebills will have the following image beside them:

ebill Simply click on the image and you will be asked to verify that you wish to receive an ebill (electronic statement/bill) directly to your Electric Orange account.  Simply follow the prompts.

Still within the “Bill Pay” section you will have the option to visit the ‘Bill Pay Center’, ‘Add a Bill’, ‘Manage My Bills’, and ‘Bill Pay History’.  Under the Bill Pay History you will be able to customize how you wish to view your payment history (as shown below).

Bill history

Under the Manage My Bills section you can update biller information, set up bill reminders or automatic payments, and start receiving your bill online.

What is New Under People2People Payments?

Send Money

The process of sending money to people has been simplified.  There is now a dropdown list of all the contacts in your address book.  You simply select the right individual, add the amount and a comment, if desired.  This process eliminates some steps from the previous method of sending a person money.  Furthermore, it conveniently displays your available balance.

What about the “Mail a Check” and “Overnight a Check” Features?

Those features remain essentially unchanged once you begin the process of mailing the check.

Here is a summary list provided by ING of what is new.

What remains the same?

  • All fees and interest rates are the same.
  • Your existing login and account information is the same.
  • All the names listed in your address book are the same.

The opportunity to get $25 for signing up for a new account (with a referral) is the same.

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