The Day the Dollar Becomes Useless: Are You Prepared?

Yes, I'm talking about the decline of the dollar. Just not the decline most talking heads are discussing. There is some speculation about what will happen to the value of the dollar in the future.  However, there is one thing we can be certain of … there will come a day when the dollar will be considered useless by all of us. The Christian faith is a linear one.  We are in the last times, … [Read more...]

Why People Who Live in Colder Climates are Better Money Managers

My brain thinks about strange things sometimes.  Occasionally I decide that I should write about a meaningless conclusion I’ve made. Today is one such day. Recently, I was having a Bible study with some Christians who live in one of the squatter settlements in town We were looking at the “lazy man” (Easy to Read Version), also known as the “sluggard” to the NIV community. One of the … [Read more...]

How to Graduate from College without Student Loan Debt

There is something called the ‘student loan myth’.  The student loan myth is the assumption that it is impossible to graduate from college without student loans.  Those who believe this myth think that if they are going to go to college, they MUST get student loans.  This type of default thinking is financially dangerous. The Danger of Default Thinking Default - a : a selection made usu. … [Read more...]

How to Accomplish a Financial Goal

Many people have a clear sense of where they want to be financially.  Perhaps you would like to be able to pay off debt, live off of one income, retire early, quit your day job, or travel for a year.  But how do you transition from financial goals to actually enjoying that reality? Tips for Accomplishing a Financial Goal Financial Focus You can do so many things and accomplish nothing, right?  … [Read more...]

What To Do When You Have A Late Estimated Tax Payment

I’m a personal finance blogger, but I’m far from flawless. In fact, since I’ve started to write about money, I’ve found it harder to keep up with my own finances. We are often reminded  Don’t Forget To Pay Your Estimated Taxes if You Are Self-Employed.  But, this month I forgot to make my estimated tax payment. The Saga Behind My Late Estimated Quarterly Tax Payment Due to frequent crashes … [Read more...]

Buying A House? Is it an Investment or a Home?

Have you ever asked yourself what are you paying for when you buy a house?  Often times when people bicker about renting or buying a home the key issues is that home values increase over time.  Obviously, that assumes that your home is an investment. This article is the third part of a four part series for home buyers.  I’ll be doing on some topics related to home ownership.  Here’s what is … [Read more...]

Mortgage Refinance Tips & Free Mortgage Refinance Worksheet

Refinancing your mortgage could be a great way to save some money and even accelerate your house mortgage repayment.  Unfortunately, people commonly do a refinance in order extend their term and thereby lower their payments.  Any time your extend your term you are agreeing to pay more for the mortgage in the long term. Refinancing your mortgage could be a great financial move as long as you … [Read more...]

Fully Funded Emergency Fund: The 8 Benefits

Over the last few weeks my family has reminded me of the importance of a fully funded emergency fund. In the last couple of months we’ve had termites, a broken oven, truck air conditioning that went out, and our microwave is on life support.  While none of those events were pleasant, I’m thankful that we had a fully funded emergency fund to absorb both the cost and the stress. 8 Advantages to … [Read more...]

2010 Financial Goals

Just like the rest of you, I have certain goals and adjustments that I make every year. One of the frustrating things about financial management is that we often have so many choices and we rarely know what is right.  Sometimes we just want a point of reference. Blogs are by design an extremely open and intimate form of communication.  Therefore, in order to help you I have decided to tell … [Read more...]

One Dollar in the Future

Take a dollar and look at it.  Not really much, is it?  I think that is why dollar stores have become so successful. Consider the following facts from New York Times article Don’t Ask.  You can Afford It: Dollar General 259 of Americas top 500 companies. Dollar Tree now on the list at 499 Dollar General 8,400 stores Family Dollar 6,600 stores Dollar Tree plans to open 235 new … [Read more...]