Creating a Passion for Partnering in the Gospel

I believe the best gifts are the ones that come from a place of joy. For far too long, guilt has been the primary motivation for giving. The message is that you’re not giving enough.  Not donating enough.  Not putting enough in the collection basket. Guilt. Giving can also come from a  place of habitual obligation.  Perhaps we’ve done it for so long that we don’t attach any sort of … [Read more...]

Does the Bible Teach Reasoned Giving or Risk Giving?

Richard Foster identifies two types of giving - reasoned giving and risk giving. Which is the type of giving that God seeks from us? I think the typical Biblical call is for reasoned giving. In 1 Cor. 16:2, Paul encourages the church at Corinth to set aside a sum of money in keeping with their income.  We learn giving is: Premeditated - the amount we give should be determined before the … [Read more...]

The Money Police: My Response to Accidental Pharisees

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I read a very challenging book (that I recommend) called Accidental Pharisees. Today I want to respond to the chapter entitled "The Money Police". The reason I'm publicly responding to the chapter is because I've had to honestly struggle with the question - am I guilty of the very things that Larry Osborne is addressing in the book?  Ultimately, I felt like … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Give While Paying Off Debt

As I was responding to a reader question on a previous blog post, I realized that the response would probably be beneficial to highlight for all of us, not just to bury it in a comment on an older post. I'll catch you up on the dialogue. A reader was asking about my thoughts on having a mortgage.  She lived very frugally and sacrificed in order to pay off her mortgage early.  Now she said … [Read more...]

Trying to Practice What I Preach

Note: I wrote this article about four months ago, but I've been afraid to publish it.  I didn't want it to seem like I'm boasting.  However, I think that through transparency we can all encourage each other towards spiritual growth in our giving. Earlier in the year, I read Neither Poverty Nor Riches: A Biblical Theology of Possessions by Craig L. Blomberg.  At the end of the book, he talked … [Read more...]

More. More. More! How Limits and Boundaries Help Us Become Other Focused

We're a culture that likes to live without limits and boundaries. We frequent all you can eat establishments.  We purchase unlimited phone plans.  We buy memberships that allow unlimited visits. We don't want anyone to say that's enough because we'll probably want more. We want to live in a world without ceilings, without limits, and without boundaries. That's why most of us have … [Read more...]

Priority in Giving | Why I Don’t Think the New Testament Teaches a 10% Minimum Gift Requirement

I had several questions in response to my article on the Biblical priorities in giving.  I'm thankful for the questions as they helped force me to fully think through the implications of what I wrote. Most of the questions I received revolved around the concern that the priorities indicated I was teaching we shouldn't give to God first.  Some people disagreed with my conclusion, saying that we … [Read more...]

4 Important Biblical Priorities in Giving

This week I've enjoyed reading through a book called Decision Making and the Will of God by Gary Friesen and J. Robin Maxson.  The book is fascinating and has helped provide a lot of important insight about God's will in my life.  One of the unexpected bonuses of the book is that the authors included a chapter on "Giving and Wisdom".  In that section, they outlined what they believe to be the … [Read more...]

4 Christ-Honoring Reasons You May Need to Give Less

I sometimes get emails from people who give that I don't think should be giving. Somewhere along the way, they've been taught that the way to deal with a huge debt load or a loss of a job is to start giving away crazy amounts of money. I'll say upfront that I think this is an irresponsible action for Christians because not all giving in all situations honors God.  Yes, there is a place for … [Read more...]

Does God Reveal His Entire Will Through the Question “Can I Afford it?”

I want to challenge all of us to grow more in 2013.  In case you haven't figured it out, I don't want to teach you about the status quo method of financial management.  I don't want us to be satisfied in a zombie-like spiritual phase.  I want us to grow.  I want us to allow God to use us to help change the world. One of the enemies of that goal is to allow one question to be your sole … [Read more...]