A Week in the Village | Lavora Village Trip Report

I want to introduce you to the other me. The missionary me. To you, I’m the guy who writes www.moneyhelpforchristians.com. But, that’s just my early morning job. In real life, I’m a missionary in Papua New Guinea. Typically, I try to draw a distinct line between those two roles I play, but today I’m going to share pictures and stories from my recent trip to a village on the North … [Read more...]

Avoid the Outrageous Fear of Playing | How to Make Playing a Priority

Anytime I read a book by a North American author, I'm reminded of the fact that you and I take work seriously. We want to perform well. We want to discover new methods of efficiency. We want to lead powerfully and effectively. But, as we enter into the holiday season, I think we need to remember how to play. I've expressed my lack of interest in following the traditional 'circle of … [Read more...]

Craig Ford on Money Wise Radio Interview

Someone once said, "Better late than never." More on that in a bit. Each day, the folks at Compass do a radio show called Money Wise.  Money Wise is a radio show (that you can access online too) that covers topics related to Christian finance. The show is put together by Steve Moore and Howard Dayton.  Steve Moore has a long history with Christian radio.  In fact, he co-hosted a radio show … [Read more...]

Spiritual Discernment | The Journey of Discovering the Will of God

In a post last week, I made a passing reference to something I called a 'discernment journal'. I've had a few follow up comments and emails, so I want to elaborate on what I believe is the process whereby one can discover God's will for his or her own life. Foundational Beliefs/ Assumptions 1. God works in different ways during different eras or dispensations of history. I believe we live in … [Read more...]

Bye Bye America, Canada, and Fast Internet (Just Some Personal Stuff)

In case you haven’t realized, my posting has been sporadic over the last few months. The reason? Our family has been on furlough and we’ve been traveling from here to there to everywhere. However, I’m back in Papua New Guinea now. Outside the rain is pouring as if some big kids in heaven are standing on the edge of a kiddy pool. There is a musty smell surrounding me.  Walls are plastered in … [Read more...]

Best of Money Carnival

This week I’m honored to host the Best of Money Carnival. What is the Best of Money Carnival?  Bloggers from around the web submit their favorite post of the week and I get to (Ok, it’s hard work, so I HAD to) choose my 10 favorite posts.  I suspect the top ten list is probably significantly impacted by the mood and perspective of the blogger who puts together the list each week.  So this week … [Read more...]

The Root of Riches | Interview with Chuck Bentley

I had the honor of interviewing Chuck Bentley last week.  I had planned on posting the actual interview, but for some reason it sounded like Chuck had his head in a tin can (echo, echo, echo).  Since we had the video on during the interview I can confirm that Chuck Bentley was not, as a matter of fact, sporting a tin can on his head. Thus, as a plan be alternative I decided to … [Read more...]

A Voice in the Wilderness | The New Revised MH4C Mission

I’ve felt sorry for Jeremiah for quite some time.  His temple sermon, as recorded in Jeremiah 7, would have been terribly difficult to deliver.  Here’s a sampling of what God asked him to do: “Stand at the gate of the Lord’s house and there proclaim this message: “ ‘Hear the word of the Lord, all you people of Judah who come through these gates to worship the Lord. This is what the … [Read more...]

The Transition from Facebook Like to Facebook LUV

I believe gratitude is so important. Gratitude helps us to move beyond ourselves and recognize our Maker and recognize the goodness in each other. Today I want to say thank you.  Many of you have been taking the extra time to “like” the articles you enjoy on MH4C.  Over the last month or so, Facebook has been my largest source of traffic.  I want you to know that I’ve noticed … [Read more...]

Need Financial Coaching? Got a Big Financial Decision? Get a Free Coaching Session!

Update: All coaching sessions are now full.  Sorry. My family used to love puzzles. Unfortunately, I’d often sit in front of the pile of pieces with my eyes glazed over. All those intricate pieces were overwhelming to me.  I’d rarely know where to start. Eventually, my parents taught me that it was best to do the edges first.  After that, we’d find the parts of the puzzle that were … [Read more...]