Announcing 2013 MH4C Writers Challenge: Get Paid to Write an Article

As you know, I write all of the content on this blog. In 2012, I tried an experiment called the MH4C Writers Challenge.  I invited my readers to submit articles related of finances.  I took my 10 favorite articles and let you vote for your favorites.  I thought it was a lot of fun because I was able to give out $435 worth of prizes, expose you to some great writing, and I was able to take a … [Read more...]

Limited Time! Free Book Giveaway

Today we'll be celebrating Christmas by giving away some free books. Here's what we're giving away: For everyone:  The Secret of Generosity From Now Until December 31st, 2012 Rob Kuban from Dollars and Doctrine is generously giving away free electronic (PDF) copies of his book The Secret of Generosity.  All you need to do is send him an email to get a copy of the book.  Get all the details … [Read more...]

MH4C Positive Changes Ahead

You can now follow me on Twitter @craigeford. That's a sample of one change I've made.  You used to follow me @MH4Christians, but that username is too complicated in this not-so-complicated world. I'm actually using Twitter for something other than just blog updates, and I'm learning more about Twitter every day. That's another change. In the near future, you'll probably be hearing … [Read more...]

Transforming Your Financial Diet [Limited Time Low Pricing]

How should Christians manage their money? How do we find a balance between giving, saving, and spending? What is God ultimately calling us to do with money? I, like many of you, have been wrestling with these questions for a long time. These questions only intensified when I moved to Papua New Guinea, a developing nation in the South Pacific. I was instantly forced to start answering those … [Read more...]

Money Became My Master. Here’s What I’m Doing About It.

This has been an extremely hard post to write.  It’s been hard to write because I’ve had to openly admit some things that I don’t want to admit.  I’ve always made it my goal to be as transparent as possible so … MH4C is changing.  Since you read this blog, you deserve to know about those changes. Shifting directions on a blog is always hard.  It’s hard because you never know … [Read more...]

You’re Invited. MH4C’s 2nd Birthday. Discounts and Prizes.

Today we’re celebrating MH4C’s second birthday.  Early in May 2009, I started on this wonderful journey.  At the time I started blogging, I didn’t know what HTML was, nor did I have any idea about php. The blogging experience would be neither rewarding nor worthwhile if it were not for you – my audience.  So, I figured we should celebrate this week. EBooks Available and On Sale Money Wisdom … [Read more...]

I need your feedback.

May 1st, 2011, this blog will enter into its toddler stage as MH4C turns two years old. Yes, we will do some things around here to celebrate. However, today I want your help to see how you’d like to see MH4C grow and evolve. Can you spare 5 minutes to answer a short survey? (If you are viewing this in an email or RSS feed you can just click here to complete the survey) Create your free … [Read more...]

Final Day to Purchase Transforming Your Financial Diet

I released Transforming Your Financial Diet on Feb 28th, 2011. Tonight at midnight (EST) the book will no longer be for sale. That’s a silly thing to do, isn’t it – write a book, and then sell it for only 10 days? I don’t think so. In the book I’m really challenging people to make some serious changes to their lifestyle.  That sort of thing doesn’t happen easily, so I want to have time … [Read more...]

My 3 BIG 2011 Blog Goals: Manage the Boss, Full-time Blog Salary, and Another eBook

I feel really vulnerable sharing this post with you.  Vulnerable because I’m setting some very lofty goals (in my opinion), and that may set the stage for disappointment.  However, I honestly think my goals are achievable. In years past, I’ve shared personal goals and I’ve not shared blog goals.  However, each year that passes, I’m finding that there is less separation between who I am, what I … [Read more...]

October Amazon $15 Gift Card Winners

When you leave a comment on a Money Saving Monday post, you are eligible to win one of two $15 Amazon Gift Cards.  The judging is completely rigged because I choose based on the mood I’m in at the time of selecting.  However, here are some general guidelines for what I pick: Creativity – does it add something unique to the topic? Money saving potential – how much money could … [Read more...]