Warning! Frugality Can Become Greed. How to Protect Yourself.

Yesterday, I had a reader unsubscribe from my mailing list.  The reader allowed for the possibility that he might not be right, but did say, “I believe being to[o] frugal is like being to[o] greedy.”  He goes on to share stories of people he knows who have bought something from a yard sale only to try and return them at a department store.  While he wishes me the best, he warns me to be sure that … [Read more...]

A Crazy Canuck: 7 Radical Financial Tips You Probably Won’t Use

This article is part of the MH4C Writers Challenge. I’d like to see which articles you like the most. If you like an article, please take a moment to ‘Like’ it on Facebook, ‘Tweet’ it, or give it a ‘Plus One’ on Google +. (To the right of the title, you’ll see each of those buttons so it should make your job easier.) The winner of the MH4C Writers Challenge is the article that has the most social … [Read more...]

How to Use Ignorance as Your Secret Money Saving Weapon of Choice

In a recent conversation, I felt a little out of the loop.  The crowd was discussing their favorite TV Shows.  My wife and I haven't watched a single episode of any of the latest and greatest shows.  We don't have cable or any sort of live TV. Our source of TV/movie entertainment comes from a combination of Amazon Prime and Redbox.  Amazon Prime costs $79 per year ($6.58 per month), and in … [Read more...]

Identify Your “Why” and Make Financial Decisions Accordingly

In the book Start with Why, Simon Sinek says that what we do must always come from why we do what we do. He discusses something called the celery test.  In his example, a business owner is told by different successful people what he needs to do to be successful.  The items vary from celery to M&M's.  A person who doesn't have a reason, a why, for his business will buy everything and take … [Read more...]

The Key to Living on Less: Turn Sacrifices into Habits

When you first stop doing something you're used to doing, it is a sacrifice.  However, if you keep going without what you've sacrificed for a period of time, it becomes a habit.  When things are habits, they happen automatically. From Sacrifice to Habit When my wife and I first moved to Papua New Guinea, we didn't (like 99% of the people there) have a dishwasher.  For the first few weeks, we … [Read more...]

Guilt. A Foe or Friend in Christian Finances?

Right now there is literally $100 under my feet. I got some cash to use as change when people bought my books at a recent seminar.  The unused money was put beside my safe which is on the ground under my desk.  Yesterday, my daughter decided to 'scrubble' (how she says shuffle) it around, and I've not yet taken the time to pick it up and put it in the safe. Ironically, when we lived in PNG, … [Read more...]

Exploring the Tremendous Value of a Vow of Simplicity

Monks used to take a vow of poverty.  Richard Foster suggests we consider a vow of simplicity (in The Challenge of the Disciplined Life). After exploring righteous and unrighteous uses for mammon, he claims, "Our study of money leads us to one inescapable conclusion: we who follow Jesus Christ are called to a vow of simplicity." I'm not sure how far Foster would apply that passage, but I … [Read more...]

The Tea Kettle Story

Every morning I drink a cup of tea.  Most days it's a cup of Earl Grey with milk and sugar. Every day I'm reminded of the fact that my tea kettle isn't perfect.  That shouldn't surprise me since I bought it for 25 cents at a garage sale. The problem with my tea kettle is that when I pour the hot water, there is some type of a plugish-thing that causes the water to pour really slowly. … [Read more...]

Do You Think I’m Dumb for Paying Cash for a House?

With mortgage rates at record lows, you'd think I'd desecrated the flag when I told my real estate agent that I wanted to pay cash for our house. After a couple of real estate agents reiterated the same point (regarding my financial foolishness), I decided it was time for my wife and I to re-evaluate our decision to buy a house with cash. I got out my trusty calculator and ran certain … [Read more...]

Can God Punish Us By Giving Us Exactly What We Want?

God sometimes has an interesting way of dealing with his people.  In order to help us turn back to him, he gives us exactly what we ask or desire. Sometimes God says 'yes' and not 'no' as a way to call us to return to him. While reading Romans, I was reminded of this unusual fact. "… they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, … [Read more...]