The Art of Making Big Smart Decisions In Order to Minimize Small Dumb Decisions

This morning I did something dumb. I was taking folding chairs from my house back over to the church building.  When I was taking the chairs out of my car, I leaned them up against the car while shutting the door. Dumb choice: I leaned metal chairs against a car. Yup. You guess it.  I scratched the car. Yep. I should have known better. Nope. It didn’t ruin my day. Smart Decision: … [Read more...]

A Lack of Will Power May Not Be to Blame for Your Financial Meltdown

People say weird things. They’ll say: I want to change. I want to get out of debt. I want to create financial margin. I want to invest. I want to give more. I guess those aren’t weird things to say.  People do weird things. After saying those phrases, they'll: Go out and buy a new vehicle with payments they can’t afford. Spend $250 on a special night out. Buy a new … [Read more...]

Embracing Enough in a Not Enough World

Watch an advertisement, and I’m sure you’ll be convinced that you don’t have enough. Peer over the shoulder of a friend who’s showing off the latest and greatest gizmo, and you’ll quickly realize that you don’t have enough. Create a wish list of things you’d like to do.  Write down projects you’d like to complete.  Think about all the upgrades you’d like to make. Enough is a mirage in our … [Read more...]

Deathbed Wisdom That You Don’t Want to Live Without

About three weeks ago, I was visiting with an elderly woman from our church.  She died five days later. Last night, I sat down with a man who is in hospice care. I asked both of these elderly Christians a similar question.  To the one, I asked: what would you tell a young person today about life that you wish you’d known?  To the other, I asked: if you could go back and tell yourself … [Read more...]

Ramp Up Your Excitement 10x & Save Thousands By Lowering Your Expectations

Yesterday, I took my four-year-old daughter on a lunch date. Of all my kids, she’s the one who’s easiest to excite, but I’ve got to tell you that the Wendy’s kids meal at lunch resulted in a permanent smile. Perhaps it’s because she also got to drive with the window down in the winter temperatures, and her face actually froze that way. The total cost for lunch was $5.47 for both of us to … [Read more...]

How to Live on One Income and Still Feel Loaded

My wife hasn't worked outside the home for eight years. Still, I hear people talk about how it's "impossible" or "practically impossible" to live on one income in America today. To that my only intellectual reply is baloney. What does it take to live on one income in 2013? God's blessing along with focused and Intentional living. I've always believed that a penny saved is more valuable … [Read more...]

How Kindergarchy is Damaging Your Family and Your Finances

Joseph Epstine makes the case that in America we're living in a kindergarcy - a culture where we're under the rule of children. Epstine writes: Children have gone from background to foreground figures in domestic life, with more and more attention centered on them, their upbringing, their small accomplishments, their right relationship with parents and grandparents. For the past 30 years at … [Read more...]

Who’s More Righteous? Spenders or a Savers?

In a world where opposites attract, it's not unusual for savers to marry spenders. Interestingly, both individuals have an unhealthy tendency to judge others based on their natural spending or saving habits. Consider the following conversation: "I can tell she loves money too much." "Oh?  How's that" the concerned friend asks. "She's always spending money on things to make herself … [Read more...]

5 Pivotal Questions for the Busy, Hectic, and Stressed Household

In the last month, the pace of life has quickened.  I'm guessing that has something to do with adding a full-time ministry position to my online ministry. Just a guess. Over the last month, I've been meeting with a lot of people and listening to them talk about life, families, jobs, and church. Guess what? Everyone seems to be busy.  Busyness is the one theme you can guarantee will come … [Read more...]

How to Handle Giving Differences in Marriage

Sometimes, perhaps frequently, husbands and wives have different ideas about giving.  They may differ in their opinion about how much to give, and they may differ in discussion about to whom to give.  This is especially true if your spouse doesn't have a common faith. I've been listening to the audio version of A Passion for God: The Spiritual Journey of A.W. Tozer by Lyle W. Dorsett.  The book … [Read more...]