Excessive Debt and Our Tendency to Read Into Scripture

I have written several articles about (what I believe to be) our misuse of Proverbs 22:7a.  You can read those here and here. As a reminder, here’s the Scripture in question: "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender." My argument against the direct transference of this phrase into our culture is three-fold: I believe we’re being melodramatic when we apply … [Read more...]

How to Get Sick of Debt (and Why That’s Important)

A person will continue down a path of destructive behavior until the pain of continuing exceeds the pain of changing. Bill Perkins An important thing you can do to deal with your debt is to get uncomfortable with your situation. In the book The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg tells about the disappointing launch to Febreeze.  At first, all the marketing team simply knew was the product … [Read more...]

No Excuses! How to Continue Giving and Get Out of Debt Faster

Last week I offered a challenge to continue giving while you're trying to get out of debt. Today I want to talk about how this doesn't mean that you need to automatically resign yourself to a longer journey out of debt. I guess it might be possible to have your cake and eat it, too. I've been reading the book Decisions: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work, so I'd like to use a one … [Read more...]

The Spiritual Danger of Chasing the Debt-Free Idol

We are a people who are always pursuing. The pursuit of happiness is an American right. As a result, we are chasers. We live under the assumption that once we get or obtain something else we will finally catch the happiness that seems to allude us.  The problem is that once we get that illusive thing that was supposed to make us happy, we just start to pursue something else assuming that … [Read more...]

Pay Off Debt Without Earning More, Changing Your Habits, or Spending Less

I hope you opened this article simply because you decided that I've had some type of mental breakdown.  The truth is you can't pay off debt using the method in the title. I was driving around in my car the other day and there was an advertisement for a weight loss pill or drink mix.  The ad promised that you could lose weight without exercising and without eating less. WHAT?! There should … [Read more...]

Be Aware! Don’t Be Deceived By Calling Your Debt Good

It's time for us to move past the archaic debt designations of good debt and bad debt. Instead, we ought to re-evaluate our debt situations to see if we can find a new paradigm for how we can evaluate the blessedness or burden level of our debt. The most important thing that must happen is we must recognize that debt brings some sort of negative pain or consequences.  It doesn't matter how … [Read more...]

Why Going Into Debt for Adoption is the Right Thing to Do

This article is part of the MH4C Writers Challenge. Since I'm taking a little break over the next few weeks, I've chosen ten guest articles to feature on this blog. I'd like to see which articles you like the most. If you like an article, please take a moment to 'Like' it on Facebook, 'Tweet' it, or give it a 'Plus One' on Google +. (To the right of the title, you'll see each of those buttons so … [Read more...]

Getting Out of Debt in 2012? Announcing the Christian Debt Coach Blog | Get Rid of Debt Once and for All

I know far too many folks who are suffering from a debilitating amount of debt. A year ago, I did a survey of my MH4C readers and found out that 25% of you have debts (excluding your home) between $10,000-$25,000, and 25% of you have debt over $50,000. That means half of the people who read this blog have over $10,000 worth of debt. That debt has brought with it pressure, burden, worry, … [Read more...]

The Christian Anti-Debt Sentiment | Born Out of Common Sense or Biblical Obedience?

On a few different occasions, I've tried to explain my views about the Bible in debt (debt in the Bible, is the borrower slave to the lender part one and part two).  I think my view has largely been misunderstood.  Today, I'll try and address the topic again, and I'll either make things more clear, or dig a hole even deeper. One of my ministry responsibilities is to help the men at our church … [Read more...]

The Simplicity and Complexity of Debt

Debt. It's a huge issue facing North American Christians and churches.  It is debt that is choking.  Straining.  And burdening so many people. Debt is consuming resources like money, time, mental energy, and focus.  Those resources ought to be devoted to other more important things.  But they can't because future funds have already been committed to pay for things people couldn't afford … [Read more...]