The Unpopular Truth About the Dangers of a Dave Ramsey Only Approach to Christian Finances

No one wants to write a post like this. It's so easy to be misunderstood and misinterpreted. It also makes me, the author, sound like a grumpy young man. But, something's been troubling me. So, I feel like I must write this post. I'm concerned by the direction Christian finances is heading. To be blunt, I'm concerned about the amount of Christians who allow Dave Ramsey to be the sole … [Read more...]

Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball: Paying Off Debt Spreadsheet

The intention of this free debt snowball spreadsheet is to allow you to maintain two necessary ingredients of paying off debt. It is a tool to help you get organized.  To help you get organized you'll want to have one of the best personal finance software.  This could be a free money tracking program like Mint or another paid option.  Throughout this process you might want to keep you eye on … [Read more...]

Dave Ramsey Review: Frequent Generalizations

I am in the process of writing a series on my thoughts regarding Dave Ramsey.  Dave Ramsey is an extremely popular adviser and personality because his advice is rock solid.  However, today I want us to be sure that when we listen to or read Dave Ramsey we keep our thinking caps on.  Dave has created an almost ‘cult like’ audience.  His words are often taken from a perspective of infallibility.  I … [Read more...]

Review of Dave Ramsey: Three Things I Like About Ramsey

I was reluctant to post about what I like about Dave Ramsey because it seems redundant to lavish kind words on Dave Ramsey, the host of the Dave Ramsey Radio Show.  Thousands have completed or are completing the seven baby steps.  There are many who have talked about the benefits of Financial Peace University.  Millions have purchased (and I bet some have even read) The Total Money Makeover.  As a … [Read more...]

Dave Ramsey: An Introduction For New Fans

Dave Ramsey is a household name when it comes to personal finances.  He is by far the leading financial coach in America.  And I’ll be honest I am a big Ramsey fan.  I listen to his radio show on podcast and this Christmas I gave everyone in my family the book The Total Money Makeover.  For a few week I wanted to post on some of the things I think are great about Dave Ramsey … [Read more...]