The Christ-Like Guide to Offering a Complaint for a Bad Business Transaction

I can still feel my blood pumping. Over the last few weeks, I've been negotiating with someone to do some advertising on one of my blogs.  We bounced several numbers and stats back and forth and eventually agreed on a price.  I sent the individual a sample of the ad layout and everything was 'great' according to him. I set everything up and asked for payment. That's when he said the rate … [Read more...]

One Huge Lesson I Wish Big Biz Would Learn from this Small Fry

I’m sure we’ve all got ‘em.  Horror stories about poor, bad, terrible, and plain awful customer service experiences. My most recent experience was probably just poor, but I learned an important lesson from the experience. Here’s the quick overview. There are two airlines in PNG.  The one airline allows 32kgs per person on flights to Australia.  The other allows 20kgs.  … [Read more...]