20 Reasons to Start a Budget

A budget is a forecasting tool, so it lets you plan your future. Budgeting is a tool that helps you reach your life goals. Every dollar you save by budgeting is better than a dollar you make working. It provides a platform for communication between a husband and wife. Motivation.  When you get a clear vision of your progress each month, you are motivated to continue forward. Self … [Read more...]

Passwords Security | How To Safely Store Passwords

Every Thursday I answer a reader’s question.  If you want to ask a question, you can contact me.  I had a question this week that I didn’t want to answer.  Here is the question: I'm still very reluctant to turn over passwords to all my private accounts to a software program where everything is together in one package.  Any thoughts on that?  Frankly, it just scares me.  I should note that in … [Read more...]

Best Personal Finance Software 2014

Once upon a time I started on a quest.  It was the most noble of pursuits - to find the best personal finance software. My mission, of which I was given no opportunity to accept, is to find or upgrade my a personal finance software by April 30th. I had  Quicken Personal Finance Software, but alas my friends at the Intuit company want to continue to generate income so as of that … [Read more...]

How to Budget In Multiple Foreign Currencies

Tomorrow I’ll be updating you on a new MH4C schedule, but I’ll let you know this much – every Thursday I’ll start answering a readers question (instead of Friday).  If you have a question you can contact me.  A reader asked: We are also missionaries in PNG (currently on furlough in Canada).  For quite a while we've been wondering if there are any simple-to-use personal finance software … [Read more...]

Why Make A Budget?

“Hey, Craig.  What’s the most important financial decision you’ve made?” I wish my answer could be more glamorous.  I wish I could tell you it was that stock I bought for .10 cents that is now worth $85.  I wish I could tell you it was my decision to buy a piece of property right before the economy improved. However, one of my first answers would be dry and boring – the decision to start a … [Read more...]

Budget Planning Spreadsheet

Budgeting is one of the important elements of a healthy financial plan.  This free budget budget spreadsheet will help get you started. This free spreadsheet is highly customizable, but will require a minimal knowledge of Excel. This Excel Document is compatible with Excel 97-2003 & Excel 2007: [download id="5"] Instructions to download the free budget spreadsheet: Click on the link … [Read more...]

How To Make Your First Budget

Special Limited Time Offer: Get The Secret to a Successful Budget for 50% off.  Valid through January 31st, 2012. Learning how to make a budget it an important skill.  That is why this blog talks a lot about budgeting: You Might Need a Budget if 20 Reasons to Start a Budget A popular myth is that you can get financially fit even if you don't make a budget.  They say don’t work hard.  … [Read more...]

2010 Financial Goals

Just like the rest of you, I have certain goals and adjustments that I make every year. One of the frustrating things about financial management is that we often have so many choices and we rarely know what is right.  Sometimes we just want a point of reference. Blogs are by design an extremely open and intimate form of communication.  Therefore, in order to help you I have decided to tell … [Read more...]

28 Tips for Organizing Your Finances

One of the six habits of the financially fit is to organize your finances.  Unfortunately, many people are unwilling to organize their finances because there is simply too much to do.  I am reminded of a proverb that says, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”  Reduce financial organization to individual tasks.  Instead of saying, “I need to organize my finances”, say, “I need to … [Read more...]