How Not to Recover from Bankruptcy

Parade (an insert in the Houston Chronicle) on August 16, 2009 had an article entitled, “How to Bounce Back From Bankruptcy”.  The article written by George Anders.  From the moment my eyes glanced across the introduction I knew I was in for an especially frustrating treat.  Debt is Not the Solution to Bankruptcy Interestingly, the article tells that one million Americans filed bankruptcy in … [Read more...]

Four Borrowing Boundaries To Help Avoid Debt

In the first post of this series we asked Should a Christian Declare Bankruptcy? Unfortunately, due to the stain of sin many Christians are in situations where they must decide if bankruptcy is their best available option.  As we concluded, in the first article I pointed out that churches and Christians should devote their time and energy to helping people avoid bankruptcy instead of simply … [Read more...]

Is Bankruptcy Your Best Available Alternative?

In last week's article, Should a Christian Declare Bankruptcy? I concluded that bankruptcy is never an ideal, but in some cases is a best available alternative.  This post is intended to address Christians who think bankruptcy is currently their best available alternative.  Personally, I believe bankruptcy should be a last consideration, but that at times is the best available alternative.  … [Read more...]

Should a Christian Declare Bankruptcy?

Many Christians are interested in the topic of Christian bankruptcy.  The question of Christians and bankruptcy can be discussed on two levels.  I’ll call the first the “ideal level” and the second the “sin stained” level. Series on Christian Bankruptcy Article Two  Eight Considerations When Trying to Decide if Bankruptcy is your Best Available Option. Article three  Establishing Borrowing … [Read more...]