The Cheapest Way for Missionaries to Transfer Funds Overseas

Last week, an MH4C reader and close friend was asking about how to cut costs when it comes to overseas transfers.  They are missionaries in Australia and have realized that transferring money overseas can get expensive.  I've also had several similar emails over the last year.  If you're not a missionary, you might want to forward this article to a missionary friend because it could literally save … [Read more...]

How To Protect Yourself from ATM Theft

ATM theft and ATM fraud is on the rise as thieves become bolder and smarter! ATMs have always been dangerous places - pictures of people being held up or attacked from behind always flood my mind when I think of this sort of theft. However, with the ever-increasing ability to pack powerful technology into a tiny device, skimming has now become a major problem. According to an article on … [Read more...]

Cash Back Debit Card | How to Get More Cash Back with PerkStreet Financial (Limited Time Offer)

Editor's Note: This post was updated Oct5th, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. EST to clarify some details I misunderstood about the PerkStreet Financial holiday promotion. For the last several months I’ve been hearing about PerkStreet Financial and their cash back debit card. My first reaction – what?! A bank that encourages you to spend, not save! Then I realized that we spend money all the time, and so … [Read more...]

Avoid Bank Fees: Money Saving Monday

Being in PNG has given me some wonderful exposure to ‘creative bank fees’. Last week Friday, I had a Term Deposit (TD) that matured (a TD is just like a CD).  The TD was actually matured 6 months ago, but against my written instructions it was reinvested for another six months.  I did my best to fix the problem, but let’s just say things work differently here in the South Pacific.  I … [Read more...]

Send Money or Transfer Money With These Fast Free Ways

Perhaps you’re one of those folks who have been hiding in the background wondering if all this new fangled technology is really safe.  Internet banks and internet transfers have, I believe, proven themselves to be safe and secure methods of exchanging money.  If you are still using the old check and stamp method, perhaps this post will convince you to take the plunge into the world of fast … [Read more...]

12 month 7.75% Certificate of Deposit (CD)

When searching for CD rates we are often concerned about one thing – the best rate.  Certificates of Deposits (CD) can play an important role in a person’s financial portfolio.  In today’s post I simply want to pass along some interesting (I hope) statistics from my home bank – Bank South Pacific, located in Papua New Guinea.  While CD rates in the States are pathetically low, there are locations … [Read more...]

How Many Bank Accounts Do You Have?

What’s Your Take?  How Many Financial Accounts Do You Have? This week I had a couple of posts on other sites that I wanted to open up for feedback.  You can either send an email (mhforc at gmail dot com) or leave a comment below.  At Bible Money Matters I asked about How Many Financial Accounts Should You Have? In the post I encouraged readers to simplify their finances. So how many bank and … [Read more...]