Budgeting: Is it a Waste of Time?

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Photo A Better Way to Budget by Jeff Keen

I have the impression that as Christians there is a fear in some of us. We are afraid that if we spend time, energy, and attention dealing with issues related to money we will them be viewed alongside famous money hoarders like Silas Marner or perhaps better the money gathering Ebenezer Scrooge.

Setting A Budget Is Important

But consider the following facts:

  • The average person will spend 2,080 hours per year working.
  • While some are fortunate enough to work out of choice or calling, most work for money.
  • Most people would think it unbearable and oppressive to spend 52 hours a year (1 hour a week) to manage their money.
  • MSN Money says only 40% of Americans use a budget (see the article here)

Make any sense to you? Work 40 hours a week, but be unwilling to spend 1 hour a week with a budget?