Black Pancake Roundup

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This morning daddy decided to make pancakes for the family. 

My children are not accustomed to eating black pancakes.  In fact, they typically prefer golden brown ones.

My daughter found a pancake that was as ‘normal’ looking as possible and slowly digested the item as if it were a live animal.

Daddy is no longer able to make pancakes in our home.

We are having friends over for supper and I asked my kids if I should make pancakes for us.  Without missing a beat my daughter said, “No, daddy.  Rochelle doesn’t like black pancakes either”.

Lesson: Sometimes it pays to be incompetent.  I’m officially off the pancake cooking roster.  Now, what other jobs do I need to get out of …

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Articles I Wrote That Were Published Elsewhere

Bible Money Matters – How To Teach Young Children About Money

Christianpf – Can you really make money by blogging?

Interestingly, in my post at Christianpf I mentioned an email I sent to Chuck Bentley (from Crown Financial Ministries).  A reader emailed (thanks to Linda S.) and told me that Chuck read a portion of my email on air.  You can download or listen to the show here.  I am mentioned in the first five minutes of the broadcast. 

Some Great Articles From the Last Week Or So

Matt at Debt Free Adventure – Save Money | Dining Out vs. Groceries Analyzed.  The great thing about eating at home is that it makes dining out experiences even more enjoyable.  Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to appreciate something.  I especially enjoyed the comments.  Must eating at home be a bore?  My wife makes eating at home a joy. See How to Avoid the Restaurant to Save Money.

Paul at Provident Planning tells us Why I Use Index Funds.  For those who are looking to start investing or to reevaluate their investments you should take a look at this post. 

PT Money addresses Common Questions About 529 Plans.  He even included one question I’ve always wondered about – what happens if junior doesn’t go to college?  I won’t steal his thunder by answering the question.

Get Rich Slowly shares A Brief Guide to Holiday Tipping.  I think tipping is always an awkward cultural phenomenon.  At least with some guidance you can know when you’re acting in line with cultural expectations.  Len Penzo discusses the dangers of making a tipping mistake – How to Avoid Paying a Mandatory Gratuity for Bad Service.

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