Bite Sized Personal Finance Series Roundup

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In my last roundup, I mentioned that I’m working on writing a personal finance series of eBooks called the Bite Sized Personal Finance Series.  Each book will provide guidance, assistance, and help for very specific stages on your financial journey.

The first book will be on the topic of budgeting – sounds boring, eh?  Well, I’m trying to make it as dry exciting as possible :).  The book will be targeting people who have never budgeted, have budgeted and failed, and those wanting to find a more effective budgeting system. 


To kick off the series, I’m will be offering a completely free eBook (no money required and no subscription required):

The Bible and 21st Century Finances: Thought Provoking Answers to Nine Common Questions

In the next few weeks, this 25ish page eBook is going to be publically available to everyone, but right now I’m looking for about 10 people who would be willing to proof the book and give me some feedback before it is released into the wild. 

I’ll finish up my editing this week and send I’ll a copy at the end of next week to the first 10 people who contact me and tell me they are interested in helping with this project.

Eligible people should: (1) have Word 2007, (2) know how to read English, (3) have better English grammar than me (if you passed grade 3, you are eligible), and (4) be able to provide feedback within the next two weeks.

If you are willing to read the book and get me some feedback within the next couple of weeks, contact me and at the end of this week, I’ll email you a free pre-release of the book.

Article Round Up

The Ford family is in full swing planning a Sydney, Australia vacation.  My wife will be travelling alone internationally with three kids ages four and under.  She is writing about the experience and sharing tips for traveling with children alone.

Fiscal Fizzle asks Is an Extended Car Warranty Worth It?  If you’re on the market for a new car, you should at least evaluate the possibility.  I don’t think I’ve ever bought a car expensive enough to consider the extended warrantee.

Joe at Personal Finance By The Book says, With Apologies to Dave Ramsey, One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All.  In this fantastic post, Joe challenges us to use our brains and actually consider financial decisions.  Just because Dave says it does mean the issue is settled.

In the post above, Joe also mentioned a good post by JoeTaxpayer that considers 15 year vs 30 year mortgages

Want some tips on what to do about children and money?  Check and see what Enemy of Debt has to say about the topic.

Jill at Moolanomy shares The Basics of Long-Term Disability Insurance.  I have and recommend long-term disability insurance.  Like all insurance, it is important to remember that defense is as important as offense.

During a job loss: save money or get out of debt?  Debt Free Adventure tries to give some guidance for those facing this unfortunate decision. 

Fiscal Geek says Real Men Pay With Cash.  In light of my post last week, (Credit Cards Vs. Cash: Do I Really Spend More With Credit?) I guess you know where I stand on this issue.  But, if you have a credit problem, then by all means use cash – man or woman!  Canadian Finance Blog weighs in on the topic to offer 5 ways to make your credit card work for you.


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