Bible Thought: Attachment

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We are all attached to something. There is some type of ‘emotional glue’ that causes us to stick to certain things or people. Those attachments provide: hope, security, acceptance, love, and confidence among many other things.


People often find these emotions in money, or at least they assume they will. They become attached to their money, to wealth, to success. They are glued to them and feel as though if those items were taken so would their comfort, security, acceptance, and confidence.

It is not bad to have things, unless that attachment is stronger than our attachment to God. Put another way, where is your security? Where does your confidence come from? Of course there is also the common saying, "you can have things, just don’t let things have you."

Luke 9:57-62 speaks of three would-be disciples. Disciples that showed some level of promise. There was raw potential. But there were also unhealthy attachments. Their problems are associated with their lack of freedom. They are attached to things, the first to comfort, the second two to family. Allegiance to Christ must be first and cannot be shared.

What are you attached to? What would be the ‘stumbling block’ for you if you were called to do some new form of discipleship? What things or relationships would you find difficult to give up for Christ? It is always a good reminder for us that second is good when your talking about the Boston Marathon, but second is never enough when we are talking about our relationship with God.