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Christian Finance

As Christians why we do something can be as importance as what we do. Many of the posts in this blog could be implemented by Christians and non-Christians with the same financial results. My intention, however, is that Christians start with a fundamental biblical understanding of why we do what we do with money. Then ultimately God’s kingdom benefits from our decisions not just ourselves. I have compiled some of my articles that deal specifically with the issues of Bible and Money.

Christian Finance: Faith Foundations of MH4C

I have added the links to the Bible finances sections so you can easily find your topic of interest

Biblical Perspective on Money

Debt and the Bible

God’s Involvement in Economic Events


Teaching About Money


Marriage and Family

General Bible Related Questions

Recommended Resources

Personal Finance Blogs Written From a Christian Perspective

Every Wednesday I add a new post on the topic of the Bible and Money.  You can get daily article updates if you click here or get a weekly update of the latest articles if you click here.

Biblical Perspective on Money


God’s Involvement in Economic Happenings



Teaching about Money

  • Where did you learn about money? Explores the reality that we either learn about money subconsciously from the world around us or consciously decide to learn what the Bible teaches about money. If our money lessons are not taught from a biblical perspective we will just conform to our culture (Rom. 12:1-2).


Marriage + Family

General Questions

Recommended Resources:

  • Sermon by John Piper – What is the Recession For? You can read a transcript, download the mp3, or watch the sermon online. My introduction to the sermon is here.
  • MoneyWise, a Compass radio show that focuses on biblical finance.  Click here to listen to the most recent shows. All programs are from a biblical perspective.
  • Sound Mind Investing NewsletterSound Mind Investing, America’s best-selling Christian financial newsletter, exists to help individuals understand and apply Biblically-based principles for making spending and investing decisions in order that:
  1. their future financial security would be strengthened, and
  2. their giving to worldwide missionary efforts for the cause of Christ would accelerate.

In other words, SMI wants to help you have more so you can give more.

Books written by Christians that relate to various aspects of money management from a Christian perspective. ( I have listed them in order: #1 being my top recommendation).

  1. Richard Foster. The Challenge of the Disciplined Life: Christian Reflections on Money, Sex, and PowerSee Part I – Money.
  2. Dave Ramsey. The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
  3. Larry Burkett. Money Matters: Answers To Your Financial Questions
  4. Ron Blue. Taming the Money Monster
  5. Mary Hunt. Debt-Proof Your Marriage: How to Achieve Financial Harmony
  6. Larry Burkett and Rick Osborne. Financial Parenting: Showing Your Kids That Money Matters
  7. Donald Whitney. Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life. See chapter eight “Stewardship … For the Purpose of Godliness.”
  8. Dexter Yager with Ron Ball. A Millionaire’s Common Sense Approach to Wealth

Personal Finance Blogs written from a Christian perspective (in alphabetical order).

Each blog writer provided their own description.

Bible Money Matters – Finances transformed by faith. Christian personal finance topics including budgeting, debt elimination, saving, frugality, thrift, debt, faith based investing, and lots more!

Bob’s Occasional Musings – I am a church administrator and retired Navy nurse. My blog includes personal finance information, church finance information and occasionally some personal experiences. I teach Financial Peace University and also have a background with Crown Financial ministries.

Christian PF – After learning many financial lessons the “hard way,” Bob started as a resource for Christians to get practical help with their finances. The site focuses on the Biblical principles that apply to debt, saving money, making money, investing, and all other areas of personal finance. For more information or to get the free daily newsletter, visit

Debt Free Adventure – The premise of Debt Free Adventure is simple – I have debt and I want to get rid of it! Because the financial wisdom of the bible is greater than the financial wisdom of Matt Jabs… I am tackling this awesome task using biblical principles. I am a Christian first, a husband second, a son and brother third, and a friend and colleague fourth. I started Debt Free Adventure not only for the benefit of me & my family, but also for YOU.

Gather Little by Little is a personal finance blog with a Christian perspective. It’s about growing wealth in accordance with Proverbs 13:11 – Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow. Most people believe that becoming wealthy happens overnight. These same people believe that if you can’t gain wealth quickly, they’ll never be rich. The Bible tells us that this is far from the truth. Here we’ll focus on topics related to growing wealth using common sense biblical practices and by gathering money, little by little.

Fickle Finance – The goal of FeFi is to bridge the gap between monk-like piety and best-in-show prosperity that believers struggle with. At the intersection of faith, finance, and health, we must seek balance in order to line up with God’s plan. With the use of Biblical principles, our true wealth can be defined.

Money By The Book - Money by the Book is committed to sharing and teaching biblical financial principles with the goal of encouraging and inspiring fellow Christians to allow God’s timeless truths to transform our minds and our financial lives.  Written and edited by a Christian CPA, this site also provides relevant practical resources to assist all readers in managing their money effectively and wisely.

One Money Design – One Money Design exists to help people manage money wisely for everyday living. Jason Price is a Money Map Coach and believes there is financial hope for people. He has a passion to see people prosper, become debt free, and experience financial freedom.

Personal Finance By The Book – Personal Finance by the Book is based on the concept that the Bible, as our “owner’s manual”, contains everything we need to flourish in life, not only spiritually and emotionally, but also financially. My purpose is to give common sense, biblically based financial advice that will help, encourage, inspire and give hope to readers.

Provident Planning – Provident Planning explores God’s Provident Plan for a Christian’s personal finances. What is God’s Provident Plan? It’s His clear Biblical message that through contentment in Christ, hard work, and prudent money management Christians can prosper so they can give generously in the name of Christ.

Redeeming Riches – The mission of R2 is to think biblically and practically about our money so we can redeem back the misguided views that wealth leads to happiness; restore the way we handle our finances to become the stewards God has called us to be; and renew the correct perspective that God himself is the source of lasting joy.

Sound Mind Investing (Visitor Blog) – Sound Mind Investing is America’s best-selling Christian financial newsletter. Each month SMI’s biblical perspective runs throughout our content helping you glorify God through good stewardship and increasing your ability to give. It’s not just about having more, it’s about having more so you can give more. It is the mission of

Wealth From The Bible (WFTB) to enable seekers in applying Divine Wisdom so that they can be better stewards of their finances. WFTB exists to open up the scriptures so that believers can develop their relationship with God while also helping them manage their temporal resources so that they can enjoy true prosperity.

Other bloggers can feel welcome to submit their site information to mhforc [at] gmail [dot] com. The blog must be (1) From a Christian perspective (2) related to personal finance. Any suggestions or recommendations of your favorite book by a Christian author and Christian perspective?