Are You Hiding Behind What You’re Good At?

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I bet you’re good at a lot of things.  There are probably many things that you do well.

The problem with being good at things is that it can provide a safety net that inhibits you from reaching your true potential.  Sometimes when you’re good at something, you don’t pursue things you’re great at. You don’t chase after things you’re passionate about because your ‘goodness’ has created a safety net.

For example:

  • I shouldn’t look for another job because I’m good at this one (even though I don’t really like it).
  • I want to learn how to ski, but my parents tell me I’m so good at the piano.
  • People have always said I’m a good fiction writer, but I’d like to try poetry.

Do you see how being good at something can actually hold you back from your fullest potential?

I’m amazed at the number of people who suffered a job loss and turned around to start their own company doing work they love.  You know what the problem was?  They were hiding behind something they were good at that kept them from taking a leap to try something they were passionate about.

Don’t settle for the status quo just because it is safety.

Try something new – today.

Think seriously about the worst case scenario.  Most times the worst case scenario isn’t even that likely to happen.  But, what if it did?  You might spend a few weeks or a few months cleaning up a mess.  But, if it works, you might spend a lifetime doing something you love.

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How has being good at something held you back?


  1. Mommy says

    This article really ministered to me. I’m a older Christian, divorced,mom who doesn’t like to waste her time. My time was wasted a few years ago, but now I’m spending the rest of my life doing something I love! Raising my daughter & being a mom. Now, there is one thing I’ve always enjoyed, but was told I would not be able to make it at, or it just wasn’t a good idea. Photography. I keep telling myself, if God wants me doing it, I’m going to make it. Now, if I don’t, I’ll just spend some time cleaning up a mess!(-:

  2. Joann says

    Being a mom is one of the greatest feelings in the world. We never know what we are capable of until we do it. Our energies will pull us to what we are good at and in time becoming great at what we do.
    Dream big, live big. Always believe in you, listen to others then decide for yourself what is best for you and your family. Your life depends on you.

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