Another Week, Another Roundup

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As another weekend approaches, I’d hate for you to find yourself with nothing to do, so I’ve got some recommended readings in this post.  I’m still enjoying my visit with my in-laws, so I’ll just give you some quick links to keep you reading this weekend.

Green Panda Treehouse 4 Investing Principles From Warren Buffett

Bible Money Matters asks Will You Pay For Your Kids To Go To College?

Cash Money Life shares How Expiring Bush Tax Cuts Affect Taxpayers

Personal Finance by the Book reminds us You CAN Afford That Baby – Ten Money Saving Tips

The Oblivious Investor tackles the question HDHP Insurance: When Does a High-Deductible Health Plan Make Sense?

Wealth Pilgrim Should You Move To Take Advantage of Cheaper Real Estate in Another State?

Canadian Finance Blog Spouses Investing Together, Not As Individuals


Carnival of Personal Finance


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