A First at MH4C … A Credit Card Product Promotion | 100,000 British Airways Bonus Miles Offer

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In nearly two years of blogging I’ve (to the best of my memory) never promoted a credit card on this blog.  I do, however, know for a fact that I’ve never done an entire post on a single credit card.

However, this offer seemed too good to pass up.

First, a story.

Several months ago, British Airways was offering an opportunity to get 100,000 miles with a credit card sign up.  For some reason, I decided not to sign up for the card at that time.

Just two days ago, I told my wife that if there was ever a credit card promotion I regret NOT taking advantage of, it was the 100,000 miles from British Airways.

Well, for a limited time, it’s back.

Several weeks ago I told you this is the time to become a points junkie.  With this offer on the table, this definitely is the time.

What can you do with 100,000 BA miles?

  • You can get 4 roundtrip flights in the US on American Airlines.
  • You can get some truly amazing itineraries to South America.  As an example, you can get New York (JFK)-Lima-Easter Island-Santiago-JFK in economy for 40K miles each, or 80K each for business class seats.  British Airways allows an unlimited number of stops.  A quick search on Orbitz showed that just JFK to Easter Island round trip (without the stops) would cost $1,391 per person.  That means you get over $2,700 worth of flights with this card.
  • You can get a business class ticket on Cathay Pacific from North America to Hong Kong.  A quick search on Kayak.com shows that flight (business class) at $6,788.

Better yet, if both a husband and wife get the card, they can walk away with 200,000 miles.  If you wanted to “earn” that many miles, you’d need to fly round trip to Australia about 13 times.  Signing up for a credit card sounds like a better choice to me.  :)

Four Warnings/Disclaimers:

  1. The card does have a $95 annual fee that you will be required to pay.  However, looking at the itineraries above, it seems worth $95 to me.
  2. British Airways (BA) is notorious for having HUGE booking fees and fuel surcharges.  Flying from North America to Europe on BA will likely cost you $400-$600 in fees.  That’s why I’ve recommended itineraries that avoid BA and Europe.  I’ve heard that you can get the South America itinerary for under $100 in fees and surcharges and the Cathay Pacific for under $200.
  3. If you are in credit card debt, do not, do not, get into the frequent flyer game.  What you pay in interest is more than what you will ever get for rewards.
  4. MH4C is not a Chase affiliate, but I am an affiliate through my travel blog.  If you visit that site and sign up for the card, I do get a referral bonus.  However, either way, this is a sweet offer!

Yes, I know some MH4C readers are against credit cards.  Thank you for enduring this post.

Extra Special Deal for MH4C readers:

Do you feel like you don’t know anything about frequent flyer miles?  Wondering what to do with the miles?

If you visit my travel site and sign up for the card using my link there, I’ll give you a free copy of my not yet publically released eBook called How to Earn Frequent Flyer Miles from the Comfort of Your Living Room.  This book will retail for at least $19.99.  Just send me an email if you use this link on my travel site to sign up, and I’ll email you the book at no charge.

To get the card and read a full review with all the terms and conditions, click here.


  1. says

    Hmmm, Craig – here’s my dilemma. I’ve never used airline miles before and I’ve heard enough stories that make me skeptical. This is a very tempting offer because my wife and I were looking at possibilities for a trip around our anniversary, and this would open up our options for destinations (wide open!).

    So here are my questions:
    1. How can I find out which trips I can get with these miles?
    2. How difficult/easy is it to use the miles to book the trip for the specific dates I’ll want?
    3. How do the fuel surcharge and booking fees work? How can I find out how much they would cost?
    4. Any other catches?

    Obviously, I’d be glad to sign up via your affiliate link if you can help me out with these questions. We’d likely sign up for two cards even. ;)

    • says

      Give me some ideas as to places you might be interested in visiting and I can better answer your question. I.e. South America, Europe, Asia, USA, Canada …

      • says

        Well, continental US was our main idea without this deal and could remain a possiblity. But with this deal we might consider Hawaii or Europe or maybe Canada (more likely one of the first two).

        • says


          If Canada isn’t your first choice I’m not going to help you :).

          I did a quick check from PHL to HNL – summer dates in June and nothing was available. Then I check mid September and you could get economy tickets September 11 – 15th, 2011. It would cost 35,000 miles each and $10 each. That would be with a stop in Chicago. Flying American Airlines.

          To find sample trips just create a free account at BA.com. The BA site also tells you exactly how many seats are open. You do need some date flexibility or a 6 months lead. Charges domestic and HNL are not too bad ($10) and to Europe there are several dates in September. It would cost 60,000 miles and $500 each in fees. Remember, BA to Europe is the most expensive in terms of fees.

          I am more than happy to help you work out a booking if you are having trouble. I have access to booking tools that make it easy.

          Any more questions?

        • says

          By the way if you want to go to Hawaii and you’re willing to get a card for yourself and a card for you wife. I can show you how to get 4 nights at a $500+ per night hotel.

          • says

            :/ Well, early June is really what works best because of when she can take vacation. I searched through all the options I could think of there and couldn’t find anything that would work. It’d be a great deal if you can work it out with your schedule, but I can’t see it working for us.

          • says

            Yes, getting the miles and making a booking by June is a stretch! You get the miles after the minimum spend of $2,500 and then it takes 6 – 8 weeks.

            It is a limited time offer (till May 6th). One option is getting the miles and plan a June vacation for the next year. I’m sure you’ll take another vacation sometime in your life, right?

            All the best.

          • says

            Hmmm, well it might not work for this year, but it could for next year. I’m discussing it with my wife now so we can decide before May 6th.

            The only other problem I see is that we could get the extra 50,000 miles on one card within the 3 month spending time frame, but I don’t think we could spend enough on the other to get it. Do you have any good tricks for reaching that limit without technically spending money? We just don’t spend enough on credit cards (that is, transactions we can put on credit cards) to reach $5,000 within 3 months.

  2. says

    I think that most of Craig’s readers are from the USA and Canada. So just to give you guys some perspective, I run a credit card comparison site in Australia (the blob of land down a bit from PNG) and this offer would be unprecedented here. The best sign up bonus we have is 12,500 Qantas points.

  3. Jason says

    Who can use the frequent flier miles? If my wife and I both got a card, can we use it to purchase tickets for our children as well? If I just got the card (not my wife) could I use the miles to buy tickets for both me and my wife, or can the miles only be used for a ticket for the owner of the card?

    I too have never done the frequent flier miles thing, but are considering some upcoming trips (like Paul was saying) and am wondering if I should give this a try.

    • says

      You can book tickets for anyone. I could book a ticket and put it in your name (if I wanted to – but I don’t – sorry). So, yes you could book it for your children too. However, getting a family (4) on the exact same flight with miles is hard. Depending on the popularity of the destination you’d either have to book a year in advance or be willing to fly on different routes or even days.

      If you were ever going to give this a try this is the time. In 10 plus years of getting miles from credit cards this is the BEST offer I’ve seen. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Jason says

        Thanks for the reply! One thing I fogot to ask, can the miles be used to fly between Des Moines and Tegucigulpa, Honduras?

        Also, is it possible to maybe book two or three flights with miles and than pay full price for the remaining? I assume that could be done, correct, we’d still get the savings on how ever many we could get booked with miles?

        • says

          I did confirm that American Airlines (AA) has services from DMS to TGU. Since American and British Airways (BA) are part of the same alliance you can use BA points to book on AA. Since my internet is really slow and not cooperating I couldn’t confirm how much the taxes and fees are, but the mileage should be 40,000. I gave Paul instructions above on how to check availability. (Just be sure you do a partner search when BA says they can’t find any of their flights on this itinerary).
          As far some of the family using points you might find that the ticket you need to buy is really expensive because you’re trying to get it for an exact itinerary. If you book 8-10 months in advance it looks like BA usually has 6 award seats available so that might work.
          If you use my link on my travel blog to sign up I’d be glad to help you book tickets with the time comes.
          Any other questions?

  4. Jason says

    If I got a card, can I use the miles to buy tickets for both my wife and I, or do the miles have to be used for the card owner’s ticket only? Could I use them for my dependent children?

    Like Paul, I’m new to this, but am considering it as we may have the need for some airline tickets but also somewhat skeptical due to the difficulties on making it work for my personal situation. Thanks for letting us know and if I do it, I’m going to do it through your travel site as well.

  5. Jason says

    Sorry for the double comment asking the same thing, I thought I had received an error the first time.

  6. says

    It still doesn’t seem like a great deal. How much money do you have to spend on a credit card in order to get those 200,000 miles.

    • says

      Each card holder needs to spend $2,500 in 90 days. Sorry I should have mentioned that in the post.
      It wouldn’t be a good deal if you go out and buy $2,500 in things you don’t need. It also wouldn’t be a good deal if you don’t plan to fly anywhere in the next four years. Otherwise, this is a great way to start to accumulate miles for an almost free flight.

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