6 Reasons to Use Skype When Making Business Related Calls from Home

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Inevitably, it is going to happen.  Someone is going to mess up your order, billing, delivery, or even the product itself.  Life is always filled with mistakes.  As such, you will have the responsibility to follow up with a call with the company to try and sort out the mess.

When that happens, Skype is a great tool for making all business related calls.

Why Making Business Calls With Skype Helps

Skype for Business CallsUsing Skype can be one of the only ways to call 1-800 numbers.

If you live outside of the United States (like me), it might be your only free option for calling 1-800 numbers in the US.  If you have Skype credit in your account, you can make unlimited free calls to 1-800 numbers.

It is More Productive and Enjoyable.

Lots of times you can be put on hold when you call companies.  I’ve found that if I call while I’m working on another project, I can be more effective while I’m waiting on hold.

Some of you are not productive czars.  Instead, you would rather play your favorite video game.  Either way, having something to do while on hold makes the time go so much faster.

Using Skype is Easier.

Every time I call credit card companies, they ask me to say or type my 16 digit number.  It is so annoying when you mistype the 14th number and have to wait so you can start again.  Saying your 16 digit number isn’t any more enjoyable.  You have to speak so slowly, otherwise the computer will have trouble understanding you.

I use a program called RoboForm that stores all my online passwords and personal information.  When I open my identities file, I can just copy my credit card number.  Simply copy the number, click on the keypad and paste.  Voila – card number entered.

Using Skype Makes Taking and Finding Notes Easier.

I used to advise that people keep a notebook by their phone so that when they had calls to companies they could easily record important information like the date, customer service rep name or number, and the stated resolution.  You’ll get so much more accomplished and be so much better organized if you use Skype because you have forced yourself to sit in front of a computer.

Just start a document called “Phone Notes”.  Enter all relevant information in that document.  Then if something simple becomes a complicated issue, then cut all of the relevant notes and put it into a new file where you will save only information related to that issue.

If you have a habit of losing those little pieces of paper with your notes, then I suspect you are less likely to lose a paper than to lose a computer.

It Saves Your Neck – Literally.

All the phones I have in my home require me to either hold the phone to my ear or crick my neck to jar the phone between my shoulders and my ears.  I usually type my notes while talking to people so I crick my neck so I can have two hands to type.  However, now that I’ve started using Skype, I just take advantage of my computer’s built in microphone.  I’m taking notes, talking, and my neck feels great.

The only negative is that I can no longer say to my wife that I’ve been on the phone for the last 30 minutes so I need a massage.

Skype is Cheap.

If you are paying more than pennies for phone calls, it’s time to consider your alternatives.  They have cheap and competitive plans in both the US, US & Canada, and overseas.  Check out their prices now – click here.

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When do you usually use Skype?  How to you stay organized when taking care of business at home?


  1. Denise says

    Hi Craig,
    I’ve been using skype for a # of yrs now & love it!
    This past year, I also tried google call for free calls even to landlines(!!) in Canada & the U.S. We live in Central America so that was fantastic.
    I had no idea that SKYPE was the answer for 1-800 calls from countries where you just can’t call toll-free! Many thnx for the tip.
    Have I understood right that for SKYPE credit you have to pay a minimum of U$15, but it doesn’t have a time limit, ie. I could take a yr or 2 to use it all up?
    Again, many thanks!

    • says

      You do need to buy credits in $15 increments and they do not expire as far as I understand. We make a ton of calls with Skype (all calls to Canada and the USA) and the credit lasts us 6-8 months. A couple of years ago we used to pay $15 per call to the US or Canada.

  2. says


    Great post. For those of us in the United States and are Google users, Google now has Google Voice, which is free (for the time being) for any call within the United States, and is pretty affordable for international calls as well.

    And for those families, like mine, who opt out of having traditional land lines, it makes the 90 minute calls with Verizon customer service a whole lot cheaper!

    • says

      Thanks for the heads up on Google Voice. I’ve heard about it, but in my research in places with slower connection speeds you tend to get a poorer quality call. Calling 1st world to 1st world shouldn’t be any issue, but some developing worlds might present quality issues.
      Anyone overseas using Google Voice?

  3. sammy says

    Unfortunately, recently I have been unable to coll certain toll free 1-888 number because I read on a forum, Skype doesn’t show phone ID when calling and the called company blocks the call.

    • says

      I’ve never had that issue before. The forum might be right, but I’m still calling 1-800 numbers and I suspect 1-888 is not different.

  4. says

    I think anyone thinking about phone options needs to check rates, a call to Haiti on Skype is over .25 cents a min. That in my book is expensive.

    • says

      Correct. Always check your rates. It is expensive from people in the US to call us using Skype, but dirt cheap for us to call them. We pay 3 cents per min and they pay over a dollar.

  5. Michael Maardt says

    skype is good, but calling a 800 or 888 number in the US from outside the US. The numeric keypad in Skype does NOT always work. I have experienced it several times. I am in Europe

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been using Skype to call US 800 and 888 numbers from outside of the US and I’ve never once had a problem with the numeric keypad not working. Not saying it doesn’t happen to you, but just letting folks know that it might depend on your location or computer.
      Thanks for sharing the information.

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