2014 Suggested Bible Reading Plan

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The best way you can develop a God-honoring financial plan is by reading your Bible.  This is a much better approach than simply searching for the word ‘money’ in your favorite commentary.  Indeed, the benefit of reading your Bible daily goes beyond simply learning about finances.

For the last few years, I’ve experimented with different Bible reading plans.  While my 2013 plan wasn’t prefect, it worked much better than plans in the past.  Rather than simply reading through the Bible in an entire year, I read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice.  The advantage of this approach is that every day of the year you’re reading a New Testament text. The disadvantage is that you’ll be reading more than if you just read through the Bible in a year.

I’ve always found the best time to read the Bible is first thing in the morning.  As a creature of habit, I’ve decided to do my readings at the same time every morning.  I’ve found that when I have pushed it off to a later time in the day, it ultimately doesn’t happen.  Creating that habit is the key.

This year, I’m planning to read through the Bible thematically.  Bible-literacy.org has a year long Bible reading plan that divides daily readings by topics.  The main concern that I have is that the full year long reading plan hasn’t been posted online.  I just hope that they (1) complete the reading plan, and (2) don’t decide to charge a fee mid-year.  I’ll start reading by faith.

In addition to the Bible reading plan, I usually try and read through portions of a devotional book.  This year, I’ll be reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. Last year, I slowly read through The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer. 

What approach are you taking to your daily Bible reading in 2014?  Any suggestions?


  1. Gabe says

    I just got one which is the OT once and the NT twice which should be free. I use it through the Olive Tree Bible app on iPad (it works in the Android systems as well).

    I think the app is free, and a couple versions come free with the app (ESV, KJV I think). Right now, they are selling the NASB for $5 (usually $15) and it is the best Bible app I have seen as of yet (of course, you can get almost any version out there…some of real cheap, others are kind of pricey). Even lets you hyperlink other verses within the notes section of any notes you want to take.

    Anyway, there is a Bible reading plan available in the application. You can sign up and it automatically takes you to the next verse and tracks your progress. The plan is free. You have to search OT and NT Twice, but I think it is by The Rock.

    Summary: for free, you should be able to download the app, and read the reading plan through the ESV without having to purchase anything. And the app is beautiful. easy to use and the capabilities are significantly above other free Bible apps I have tried.

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  2. says

    We all know the importance of the word of God to our daily lives, for this year apart from the bible i plan to use the rhapsody of realities to ensure that my fellowship with God is continuous.

  3. says

    Like you, my devotions are in the morning; it works best for me. Now, if I could just get an exercise schedule to follow -smile-. Having tried various Bible reading plans, I always revert to the same old, same old…5 chapters every morning and Spurgeon or other devotional. For more than 6 decades I’ve watched Daddy and Mom read their Bibles, every day, and Daddy reads 5 chapters a day while Mom uses various studies.
    For me, the Bible reading plan isn’t nearly as important as actually reading the Bible.

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